If you are on , how many keys do you have? If you are on the , how many device sessions?

Oh and if you have "an abyss" of device keys, feel free to give an idea of how deep that abyss is :)

@vanitasvitae huh, I was absolutely expecting to be able to tick "1" since I have a single client that supports OMEMO, and I don't even use it and constantly have to tell people that I can't read their messages on my desktop and to please turn OMEMO off and resend. Apparently I have 6. Go figure.


My answer were: Many more than three.

Once in a while, I like to play with new (versions of) #Jabber clients. Yet another key!

I know, I should use playing accounts for playing, also for security reasons...

🐂 ftw!

@vanitasvitae Too many, on both. I clean both up every then and now, but in between it's literally madness. Causes: Too many devices, a tendency to distro-hop and no dotfile management that's worth to be called that.

@vanitasvitae Two. But when I am using converse it seems to generate a new one on each login, even on a browser that keeps all cookies, local storage, indexeddb and other storages.
have no idea why it doesn't store the keys, but this issue makes converse unsuable for me even when it is otherwise one of the best clients.

@allo did you notify @jcbrand about this behavior? Maybe there is an easy fix?

@vanitasvitae @allo

As long as you don't uncheck the "trusted" checkbox (or unset it via converse.initialize) the keys should be remembered in localStorage or IndexedDB.

I thought so. Last time I tested it, it did not work with Converse.js 6.0.0.

In the best case I would like to use nativefier (i.e. an electron app), but in Browsers it didn't remember the keys properly either.

I could re-test with a more recent converse.js version, because I think I would really like to use converse.js in inverse mode as desktop client.


@allo @vanitasvitae

I've made a number of OMEMO fixes in version 7 that are not in version 6.

AFAIK OMEMO is finally working relatively well in Converse.

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