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My follow-recommendations:

* @xmpp the XMPP Standards Foundation
* @blabber a messenger application and server
* @dino a beautiful messenger for linux
* @gajim a powerful messenger for linux and windows
* @kaidan yet another XMPP messenger
* @mellium client library written in go
* @Monal messenger for iOS
* @tigase develops XMPP server and client software
* @snikket_im XMPP made simple

Feel free to add more interesting accounts/folks to the list!

@vanitasvitae @xmpp @blabber @dino @gajim @kaidan @mellium @Monal @tigase @snikket_im You forgot "conversations" for those poor souls stuck on Frankenlinux phones :-P rather than using the real thing.

@vanitasvitae I'm really happy with #Conversations/#Quicksy on Android - but what I'm really, really desperate for is a client like Dino for Windows that I can carelessly recommend to friends without a nerd background and that supports #OMEMO.
As friendly as Google Talk once upon a time - with the ability to find my friends from the phone book as easily as with Quicksy.
Dozens of clients, but still nothing for mere mortals until 2021. A great pity.

@vanitasvitae sweet! really deserves more attention. The future of messaging is federated indeed

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