I just managed to join a private @matrix room Form using the bridge!

I think what hindered me before was that my matrix account which was already joined in that room before was using the same nick as my @xmpp account tried to use when joining. Renaming the xmpp nick did the trick ;)

@vanitasvitae is there any documentation on doing this at the moment? I looked into it ages ago but nothing seemed to exist in a stable form then. Any tips?

I'm about to move the #Chinwag XMPP services to a new server and I'd love to add that capability for my users while I'm at it.

@vanitasvitae oh, it's implemented on the matrix side? Explains why I missed it, I've only looked for an XMPP gateway type deal.

I'll have a look into it later, if I come across anything on matrix I want to join.

@mike well, you have to use a bridge instance. There is one running on, but you can also host your own.

@vanitasvitae hmm, interesting. I might stab at it in my test environment then. Using libpurple worries me a bit too, definitely going to let them work on it a bit more before I get excited then.

@mike they switched to xmpp.js which works way better. As I understand, the plan is to ditch libpurple completely soon.

@vanitasvitae there was also a bug with handling xmpp resources fixed a few days ago, which might have been it?

@matrix possibly. All I know is that it started working when I changed my nick :D

@matrix @vanitasvitae @xmpp I think I need to install my homeserver, so I can install bifrost to use conversation, the only reliable chat client that runs on my Jolla 1, to connect to matrix....
@matrix @vanitasvitae @xmpp (unless, you know, a nice org decide to host it on their homeserver.. wink-wink, nudge-nudge..)

@fabrixxm @vanitasvitae @xmpp we're already hosting a public bifrost deploment on - e.g.

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