I'm a little bit confused why held the talk the way he did.
Claiming, that open standards like and are stuck in time and don't evolve (especially on mobile) is just plain wrong. He really should know better.

Also, what is the message? Stop working on cooperative standards and do your own thing? I'm very disappointed that he took on this economists view of the world.

When we develop federated systems, we don't do it because it is easy, but because it is hard.

Also, to circumvent , domain fronting can also be used with federated systems, adding another layer of protection, instead of depending solely on it.

He also concealed the fact that this is also not an ideal solution, as Google already stopped allowing this ( )

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All in all the talk somehow felt dishonest with all that simplifying and skewing of facts.

At least not everybody took at face value, as implied by the critical questions asked and the amusing micro-roast :P

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(Also, @matrix is proof that a federated system can remain flexible as well)

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(this is obviously a rant about |s "the ecosystem is moving" talk on )

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On the assumption that you're younger than I am and/or weren't keeping an ear to the ground on IT about ten+ years ago when this character came on the scene, you might want to do a bit of web archaeological research on him.

You'll see why I say he's a charlatan, albeit a successful one.

I've taken a look at your blog and based on that I'll say you are way more skilled and competent than this guy.

If you look at his “exploits”, they're just confidence tricks. Yes, they are system vulnerabilities, but they are not *crypto* vulnerabilities. Just your run of the mill “how can I circumvent this” usual fare.

I'm not going to talk him down because his lack of a technical background, many important people in IT come from other fields, but a cryptographer he's not.

@vanitasvitae He's CEO of Signal Messenger, a centralized system.

@vanitasvitae is that the same moxie, who refused to remove dependency on proprietary google services in signal client, and also refused to accept any modified clients that did so into the main server?
It's a "I, the genuis, know better what's good for you dumb sheeple, so I must control you" mentality.

Already die that in bis old blog post, receiver the same critisism.

Just don't know why CCC has invited him. Nothing new and nothing for freedom or privacy at all.

@vanitasvitae, I also missed the point of the talk. The punchline could have been: "We at Signal do it better than you and your decentralized systems". I was very surprised listening to his talk.


Because the guy is a selfish narcissistic psycho and an utter dick who cares about nothing apart from himself and his wallet.

He knows how to play the press, though.

It's as simple as that. The guy is a complete fake.

I wish #ccc would pay to bring actual experts instead of #media bitches.

PS: No, I haven't got a great deal of sympathy for him, as you might surmise.

@krag Apparently the link to the talk by doesn't work anymore?
Did they take the talk down?

@vanitasvitae seems like it.
To be frank I use signal and find it easier to onboard my family and friends on to it.

An Objection to The ecosystem is moving:
Keep in mind that both blog posts are a bit dated.


@vanitasvitae i found his talk very manipulative. there were lots of unfair comparisons.

@vanitasvitae Boom. Found it. Watched it just now.

My first observation was that he talks a lot about what his product isn't, but he has some good and interesting points. I see it as intellectual honesty, aware of this moving landscape he sees and shows up in Germany to address and answer questions.

This bit on censorship resistance was interesting, because it shows an animation of what a government shutdown could mean for Mastodon:

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