Welcome @xmpp, the official Mastodon Account of the Standards Foundation!

@vanitasvitae @xmpp Can we have proof of this in the form of a backlink from the XSF website? :)

I think Steven meant the rel=me backlink (as described here: to that'd prove they control domain thus they’re as official as they can be :)

@wiktor @vanitasvitae In fact does #Mastodon support checking that? It could somehow put a verified flag on a URL mentioned in their profile. I'd like that feature :)

Yeah, I thought you knew about it… check your own profile (maybe in private mode): it has GitHub link verified because on GitHub you’ve got a back-link to your profile. (GitHub, Twitter, GitLab use rel=me links in profiles).

The idea is super-simple and it works very well :)

@wiktor @vanitasvitae Ah yeah I see it. Cool! I should definitely invest time to build a personal homepage at some point to point to this profile as well!

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