@vanitasvitae This is great news. Even w/ all the progress in other messaging protocols, xmpp still has lots of merit. It is still the easiest/lightest for selfhosting w/ several strong clients.

@hrthu @vanitasvitae Ha, one guy in Conversations conference is running ejabberd on a Raspberry Pi and he got thousands of users on a performance benchmark. Definitely a good sign for ejabberd that it can scale from RPi to huge multi-million player MMORPGs.

@wiktor @hrthu @vanitasvitae This is not exclusive to ejabberd :-) #tigase #xmpp server runs just fine on #raspberrypi (there is even dedicated flavour for yur #iot needs: iot1.cloud/) and both #ElectronicArts and #epicgames (for #Fortnite) use #tigase 👍 😃

@tigase @hrthu @vanitasvitae Excellent, glad to hear that! 👏

Just recently there was a talk that XMPP doesn't have one place to share its success stories and it seems there are quite a lot of them.

Thanks for sharing!

@wiktor @hrthu @vanitasvitae xmpp.org/uses/ list some of the stories but I feel there is much, much more #xmpp in the wild (and some of it can't be shared)

@tigase @hrthu @vanitasvitae Yes, agreed. I think it could use a better presentation and also links to the actual software used. Of course ejabberd developers claim (on xmpp:conversations@conference.siacs.eu MUC) that the vast majority of these uses are because of ejabberd, that's why it would be nice to have a clear picture :)

Btw very nice description on tigase.net/content/tigase-xmpp although "10MB of memory" link is broken (404).

@wiktor @hrthu @vanitasvitae Thanks! Nice catch - I fixed the link.

As for presentation (and especially linking to actual software) may be problematic as companies don't announce it openly - as you can see mere discovery that this is #xmpp comes from discoveries described in linked blog-posts. Would be nice though :-)

Btw. do you have any links to history of that room? 😃

@tigase @hrthu @vanitasvitae Yep, I know how it is behind NDAs and all that. Too bad because for example Matrix can use French government case as a marketing case.

There is no history logs as in HTML pages but the room supports MAM so I think if you joined you can fetch messages from several previous days (it worked for me when I left and rejoined days after).

@wiktor @hrthu @vanitasvitae It seems that French likes #xmpp and #opensource as bluemind ("collaboration software", bluemind.net/) uses #tigase as well 😉 (forge.bluemind.net/confluence/)

I'll try with MAM, default join-history didn't show it

> I'll try with MAM, default join-history didn't show it

You may want to stay in the room not to miss when they're talking about tigase (benchmarking and customers) 😃

Alternatively join using MAM-capable client such as conversations.im

@wiktor It seems that the performance comment was about ejabberd (clarifying RPi version and mentioning "thousands of users")?

And as for the surprise of some participants - #Tigase #XMPP Server powers both #ea #origin and #epicgames #Fortnite (and those can be easily verified without any internal knowledge whatsoever) :-) I know that ejabberd is popular, but not everything merely mentioning xmpp has to use it - there are other capable #foss #opensource #java based solutions ;-)

@tigase I mean the comments from ejabberd developers that they plan to benchmark tigase with their bench tool.

Sometimes it's good to stay in the room and chime in with your project to raise people awareness 😃

@wiktor must have missed that :-) that's the idea with mastodon account and more vibrant presence in various places but you also need to sleep sometime :-)

and we are stress-testing #tigase #xmpp server using #tsung but we are curious about their comparison as well :-)

@tigase Yep, as for that add a nice avatar here and a link to tigase's homepage. Maybe with a backlink with `rel=me` so that the account looks "verified", see: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

@wiktor Thanks for the hint. Added rel=me on tigase.net


Finally a group of people who *don't* just want to make a whole new protocol that "addresses the issues of past protocols"!

@vanitasvitae Visit modernxmpp.org/ instead of docs.modernxmpp.org and it goes to a completely different site?

@woah Hah, funny. Probably a misconfigured server that is shared with different sites. That would also explain the cert error. I can imagine, Charlie Wild is somehow related to Matthew, who is working on modernxmpp.

@vanitasvitae Yea I figured that, but had to ask. You are probably right.

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