Android apps on my phone that still contain trackers:

* Spotify
* Wikipedia

(according to ClassySharkExodus )

Hah! Could de-track by switching to miniVector :)

Isn't netguard operates as firewall?

Blocking access to internet makes the apps useless, right?

Netguard has particular option to block certain url?

One can use #Sheltet to isolate these apps

@uwehermann @vanitasvitae

@noorul @vanitasvitae can block individual domains among other things, yeah. So you can easily prevent from accessing * and crap like that, and the music streaming continues to work just fine.

@uwehermann @noorul I'm already using to block access, but that doesn't make the app less unfree :D

@vanitasvitae @noorul Yeah, unfortunately. If you find a app for , or some other convenient method to legally stream any and all music mankind ever produced, please let me know. I'd be happy to switch as well.


Or we can wish someone reverse engineer #Spotify and reproduce #floss app for Spotify API.

@uwehermann @vanitasvitae

I use AdAway for bloking these domains so kernel takes care of domain name blocking.

Though, #AdAway requires rooting and #Blokada or #NetGuard doesn't.

@uwehermann @vanitasvitae


@vanitasvitae It's not quite the same but you can save Wikipedia articles for offline browsing with Wallabag. And you might be able to use Mopidy to access Spotify and stream from there to your phone with MALP. I haven't used Mopidy with Spotify, so no idea how well it works.

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