hat eine neue Hochschulgruppe!

"; DROP TABLE" befasst sich mit IT-Security und Hacking!

Stickers in general just llook way better if they looking a bit scratched IMHO

Merkt euch: das "unser" in dem Satz steht nicht etwa für "uns Deutsche" oder für "uns Alle", sondern für "uns alte, weiße Männer".
Bekämpft solche Politiker mit der effektivsten Waffe: geht wählen. Wählt sie weg. Geht auf die Straße. Seid laut.

Nice, following blogs now also works from ! @pfefferle fixed a bug in the wordpress plugin :)

In this post I take a closer look on how matrix.org's crypto protocols olm/megolm compare to the OMEMO protocol. blog.jabberhead.tk/2019/03/10/

Great! There is a new client for available on now!

GitNex (Client for Gitea) - f-droid.org/app/org.mian.gitne

RT @Senficon

Breaking: @ManfredWeber and the @EPPGroup want the vote on #Article13 and the Copyright Directive moved ahead to next week to pre-empt the #SaveYourInternet/#StopACTA2 protests! We need a public outcry to stop this!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Senficon/status/11

Weiß jemand, ob bezüglich etwas -mäßiges in oder Umgebung geplant ist?

You may know about Planet F-Droid, a feed aggregator that aims to collect the blogs of many free Android projects in one place. Currently all of the registered blogs are written in English (as is this post, so if you know someone who might be concerned by the matter below and is not able to understand English, please feel free to translate for them). Recently someone suggested that we should maybe create additional feeds for blogs in other languages. I’m not sure if there is interest in having support for more languages, so that’s why I want to ask you. If you feel that Planet F-Droid should offer additional feeds for non-English blogs, please vote by thumbs up/down in the planets repository. Happy Hacking! blog.jabberhead.tk/2019/03/03/

#OMEMO is a big fish 🐠 in the upcoming #Debian 10 release (#buster) bowl. It hopefully will feature five #XMPP clients with this modern #e2e #encryption: #Gajim, #Dino, #Psi+ (all graphical), #jp (command line), and #primitivus (console), the latter two part of #SalutAToi or #SaT

Wisst ihr was wir brauchen? Eine Art Politiker-Filter. Der würde hier gleich ausschlagen bzw. blockieren:

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