A big step forward in opening the @Space_Station to commercial opportunities: a new element for the station will be developed and built by a company based in Texas. We've selected @Axiom_Space of Houston to provide at least one habitable commercial module: nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-se 

Help needed !

🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇷🇺 🇮🇹 Do you speak Spanish, German, Russian, or Italian and have some free time? You can help us by translating the εxodus platform here: crowdin.com/project/exodus-pri


So happy to see 1000's of #FOSS enthusiasts come to #Brussels next week to exchange knowledge and hack together. We wish everyone, participants & organisers, a nice time and happy hacking at #SustainSummit , #Minidebcamp, @xmpp summit, #chaosscon Europe, @fosdem & #CopyleftConf

May the source be with you!

Me: “Mom, can we have Starfleet?”

Mom: “We already have Starfleet at home.”

Starfleet at home:

Thanks to @Thib support for #XMPP URIs got merged into mastodon a few days ago. This should make linking to external discussion channels and moving a conversation to a E2E encrypted chat a bit easier on the fediverse:

I like my new wallpaper!
SpaceX Dragon capsule departing from ISS (stretched out to be dual monitor friendly :P

You think using is complicated?
You hesitate to introduce encryption in your app because you fear the complexity of ?

Try PGPainless! An easy to use wrapper library that makes generating PGP keys and doing easy as pie!


POLL, please comment if you have an opinon:

Codeberg.org is being spammed by users using one-time/disposable email services and TOR connections. These spam projects with thousands of bogus issue comments, cause pain for project owners, and spam their notification email inbox. Also, Codeberg's SMTP reputation is harmed.

We consider disabling access via TOR and one-time email providers to maintain smooth operation for all users.

What do you think? Is there a better approach?
Please have your say.

I've just released Converse.js version 6.0.0.

Release notes:

The biggest change is support for storing data (e.g. messages) in IndexedDB which has no size restrictions. It's not yet the default store, but will be eventually.

Another big change is support for XEP-0156 Alternative Connections. Now on inverse.chat you can connect directly to your #xmpp server without requiring a BOSH middleman.


Security advisory regarding Prosody-Filer (XMPP server upload server):


Please update to version 1.0.1 as son as possible!

Previous versions are affected by a bug that can lead to information leak and expose a list of previous uploaded files of any user.

#prosodyFiler #security #infosec #xmpp #server

I sneaked a tiny change into the next #FDroid app release (1.8). App-details will now also display the summary text.

While it's a tiny trivial change, I'm hoping it'll make the app way more usefull. Because often summaries are the only translated text we've got. Also search results sometimes only show the first few words of a summary. Now it's becoming easy to find closure. Last but not least this will make the app and webiste more consistent.

One of my side-projects is an alternative #FDroid client resurrecting the classic UI from before the 1.0 release.

Here's the list of things still to be fixed before an initial release: gitlab.com/Bubu/fdroidclassic/

One of the missing pieces is a proper icon which should resemble a retro/lo-fi version of the F-Droid robot. Anyone up for giving this a go?
I'm not a designer, so if nobody steps up the icon will be replaced by programmer art before release :D.


It you have a google account please help with reporting this as harmful and impersonating.

*DO NOT INSTALL* (except if you are a malware researcher 😉)

Fake F-Droid app, please report:

Was wondering, why our wifi was so slow. Only 800kb/s (DSL 16.000).
Nearly called the provider, but decided to do some debugging myself.
Turns out my friends phones "updater" service was permanently drawing most of the bandwidth - even though "no new updates" were available.

For now I configured to only allow the updater to draw bandwidth when the display is active, i.e. while gaming.

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