Um 10 Uhr öffnen heute die Tore der #MakerFaire 2019 in #Berlin im #FEZ in der #Wuhlheide. Bis 18 Uhr können sich Maker, Bastler und Interessierte über Freie Software bei uns am Stand der #FSFE (Standnummer 125) informeren, denn

Keine IT-​Bastelei ohne #Frei­e­Soft­ware!…

Um 14 Uhr wird vor Ort ein #Android durch ein #LieageOS befreit. Wer interesse an #FreeYourAndroid hat sollte also um 14 Uhr am Stand sein.

Alle weiteren Informationen zum Maker Faire findet ihr unter


Vehicle hit by Hellfire missile shows that wearing your seat belt is largely pointless


Our sensitive and private health information belongs to us! It should not be put into large proprietary software and servers. is a human health issue!

Ejabberd server config and Webchat are updated in Git. If you're interested in running your own server, have a peek!

Ejabberd server config:

Converse.js site:

#xmpp #trashserver

Mozilla is shutting down their IRC servers and moving to Discord, a proprietary chat service.

Hey Mozilla, aren't we forgetting something here? Our very own "Mozilla Pledge for a Healthy Internet” states:

> Principle 2 The internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.

> Principle 6 The effectiveness of the internet as a public resource depends upon interoperability (protocols, data formats, content), innovation and decentralized participation worldwide.

I'm very interested, how much Axel payed the in order to be allowed to share their article "copyright does not lead to censorship" in his recent mail.

Thanks to @fragdenstaat we may soon know :)

Das gilt auch für Freunde des Deutschen sPargels @fdp

It's... #FollowFriday

✉️ @Tutanota Tutanota: Privacy-friendly independent email provider

🐘 @mastohost Create your own Mastodon instance without any technical knowledge

📝 @write_as Creators of the #WriteFreely open federated blogging platform

✍️ @inkscape Inkscape: Free open vector graphics editor, a good alternative to Adobe Illustrator

:owi: @Chrishallbeck Chris Hallbeck: Fun webcomics

Previous #FF:


"Internet freedom is in decline around the world, and being part of a force for good that allows people to have private access to the open Web is hugely important to me. Millions of people around the world rely on Tor Browser and onion services for private and secure communication in their day-to-day lives." - Steph, communications director of the Tor Project

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