Thanks to the whole fediverse for the warm welcome for this new XSF (XMPP Standards Foundation) account 👍

Just finished watching . What star trek should I watch next? Already watched TOS and TNG.

If you host your own blog/site via , consider selfhosting your fonts as well!

There are plugins available that make selfhosting google fonts as easy as clicking a box:

Welcome @xmpp, the official Mastodon Account of the Standards Foundation!

Maybe, just maybe someone within the internet providers data center deployed a giant ? :P

Funnily I can work around the Youtube issue by making use of ' proxy feature.
Also, to reach sites that are currently not working, I can simply use a VPN so it appears to be a routing issue within / .

My internet (provided by ) is currently not working correctly.
Many internet sites (Google, Duckduckgo, Twitter, Youtube, Netflix...) are not reachable.
Luckily there are many alternatives to the rescue!

Apparently there are currently issues with connectivity in , Germany. Funnily sites like allestö (a site that tracks internet issues) can't change my tracking settings, as they depend on Google (which is currently not reachable). Or should I say sadly?

@digitalcourage is it possible that your DNS service is currently not working? I'm having issues connecting to some sites.

Ok. Der lässt sich nicht toppen. ;-D

♲ #Piraten weinen nicht, sie heulen Rum. #tagderschlechtenwortspiele

Spot 1336 in the ticket queue. Is this a good or a bad omen?

You gotta love Wikipedia!

From the article IP over Avian Carriers (rfc1149)


Kleiner Grundkurs: Was bedeutet Meinungsfreiheit (Art. 5 Grundgesetz)


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