@vandrar I have it in my head that Canadians aren't nationalist, but I have way too many memories of my middle school history teachers telling me "make sure you tell any Europeans you meet that you're from Canada because they'll be grateful for all you did to save them in the war." Maybe we're no better than the Americans...

@nat well they are right about being grateful, I still remember a slightly creepy story about a Canadian Jeep having crashed in the water in the war, and when the weather is bad they said you could still see the headlights. Also NL still sends tullips to Canada every year as a thank you I believe

These days it's probably a good idea to say you're Canadian so we know you're not an American because of recent politics

@vandrar I was always worried that we exaggerate our importance in the war, since I know at least one other country that likes to do that. It's good to hear from a real person that we aren't as bad as we make ourselves out to be

It seems like Canada has a pretty good reputation today but it definitely helps that we've gotten really good at covering up our otherwise really awful history

@nat a country can do little wrong when they actually helped our queen give birth to an actual Dutch princess in a hospital in Canada without making the baby a Canadian en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince

Also in school I don't remember learning a lot about Canada. Heard about the native Americans being killed but not about the First Nation people for example. So they might indeed be really good at covering stuff up

@vandrar That's really interesting! I never heard that story before. I imagine it would have been pretty awkward had we appropriated the Dutch princess

@AaronTheIssueGuy everyone knows the internet is made by Americans, for Americans and there are only Americans here that speak American and of course the entire internet is interested and therefore overflowing with american news and politics

@AaronTheIssueGuy like when they say 'colour' for some stupid reason, where did the u come from, I thought this was America™

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