me and a couple of friends want to do an online gamenight or something tonight, but the idea was to use MS Teams. I just quickly threw together a instance, seemed to work so let's hope people will join tonight as I am definitely not using without getting paid for it, using it on a work device

these friends 100% don't care about their information going to big data

this is gonna fail and it's gonna be another night of others doing fun stuff while I care about my privacy :balloon:

well one of them just responded with "you don't like teams?" to which I could easily respond. Responding to that I could easily ignore "what's wrong with teams?" because I don't want to preach

more teams talk 

ah yes
"i prefer teams, it's good, it works, is safe, I understand it"



more teams talk 

holy crap
After a couple of minutes of silence from the most prolific teams proponent they said "okay fine, give us a link tonight, we'll see how it works then, bye" which totally sounds even more like a snarky remark if you know how she is as a person but I don't care.

i told them I've tested it and will check a bit more this afternoon. Seems like I have a purpose for millions of old devices after all!

more teams talk 

it does make me sad that "safe" seems to stand for "other private individuals cannot peek into our conversations" instead of "other * cannot peek into our private conversations"

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