me and a couple of friends want to do an online gamenight or something tonight, but the idea was to use MS Teams. I just quickly threw together a instance, seemed to work so let's hope people will join tonight as I am definitely not using without getting paid for it, using it on a work device

these friends 100% don't care about their information going to big data

this is gonna fail and it's gonna be another night of others doing fun stuff while I care about my privacy :balloon:

@vandrar yeah seems to be the trend these days.

I'm just glad I don't have kids that would need to use that spyware for class. I'd be really upset and probably alienate everyone. 😉


@fedops yeah I worked with some kids that were in a school that forced them to use Teams, it's terrible. Schools with such a massive budget and a decent IT department should run their own FLOSS services.

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