So without using Mozilla services, I have to now find out a new place to put my bookmarks. And more importantly, once again I need a new multi-platform, synchronised note-taking app. Shit.

@hund I to remember them having notes but did not know they had bookmarks. Is it a plugin or default?

@coldacid thanks, that looks very interesting but I'm kinda looking for something like a webpage/browser plugin and mobile app so I can carry my stuff with me

@coldacid haha I get that but just having to find another system and then transfer all my data to it is going to cause me enough frustration. If I ever have too much time I'll get into this though

@vandrar another recommendation for NextCloud with note and bookmark apps added.

Also look at for bookmarks and its letter known note feature.

@onan if I had a bookmarking solution right now I'd bookmark for the future, I think what I want is something selfhosted (like my Nextcloud instance) but it looks good

@vandrar shaarli is self hosted bookmarking, I’ve used it and it’s good. One could use for bookmarking and notes both, well worth looking at

@vandrar notes and bookmarks go in Git. Notes as markdown with or without images, bookmarks as a set of html files organized per subject area. Plain text never goes out of fashion. 🙃

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