@jordan31 @peja Very true, If not mistaken, I read something about an active search for a replacement to Mr. Stallman not that long ago. That will be a hard search, but I hope they find someone as passionate about software licensing than he is. ^^

@peja I didn't read anything about him disagreeing with that any sexual act involving minors is a criminal offense. Actually there isn't even a response from rms at all. Just single sided accusations from people, who all seem to refer to what someone thinks of richards response to that email.
Who coincidentally also misrepresented what he actually meant (and depending on how you read it, did) say.
Overall free software can only come out worse from this as far as i can tell

@peja exactly! He didn't do anything other than express his thoughts, of which most are actual factual statements. It wasn't even about what Epstein did or didn't do, it was about not misrepresenting his actions as being worse than they were, and that using the word "rape" in this case might really misrepresent the actual event.
This is some extreme bullshit that is now too late to undo.

What the.. Richard stallman, the founder of free software and responsible for a slew of free software projects, resigned from the free software foundation because some people apparently know what free software "should" be?
Why hasn't any of them stepped up and filled in his role then?
The pioneer of free software os being forced to lay down his life's work, and this is somehow seen as a "good" thing for the free software community?
Made out to be "sexist" because of a bad taste in jokes. Come on

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Hey fans - the open source game engine Godot (@godotengine) is within $600 of being able to hire their third FULL TIME contributor on Patreon! Help them get it over the top!


@pixelfed @Mastodon I apear to be "rate limited", and I don't even use twitter :S

@anaisfae I bet your hand will still be making circles in your sleep ^^

@doenietzomoeilijk *doel over, ik bedoel dat ik me er zo weinig mee bezig heb gehouden dat ik me er nog niet mee vertrouw, maar zou het eigenlijk wel willen. Het oogt ook altijd wat profflessioneler als je je eigen dommeinnaam hebt en het zelf beheerd.

@doenietzomoeilijk heb ik ook wel eens willen doen met een eigen domein, maar ik ben altijd bang dat de server een keer kapot zou gaan en ik mijn mail kwijt raak.
Daar zijn backups voor natuurlijk, maar zonder doel van het confugureren van een server zie ik dat zelfs met docker nog niet helemaal goed komen 😅

@emacsen sounds like a well earned vacation ;) good thing you have 12 days to catch your breath, and get ready for Israel.

@ohyran @tbernard that would be great, but isn't there already a distro that kind of does this?
Fedora seems to offer a kind of pure gnome experience. It doesn't include a lot of apps from the gnome project, but if it would become a huge distro if it does.
Out of curiosity, what would a pure gnome distro do differently compared to for example fedora?

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@ebassi Nice, also great to see the mention of the responsive settings menu, and the potato to indicate low resource usage ^^

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@ericbuijs impressive :o my view of most 3d prints is that they're brittle. Doesn't seem to be the case with those ^^

@purism out of curiosity, the mentioned "power management" in the articles. Is that a software feature? Because early power management sounded like it might have been hardware related.
if it is a software feature, could earlier batches still get improvements to that after receiving the device? :)

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