@ebassi much much better, that website could really do with a refresh! Just checked on the phone, and it looks like there's a little glitch on that page for me, but maybe that's because of my browser. :)

@ademalsasa @purism you can expect this from the librem 5's repositories if i'm not mistaken :)
The librem 5 should only run fully free software by default to comply with the ryf certification, so no f-droid alternative needed :)

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@ITwrx @art hmm, I don't think companies whose main goal is profit should be viewed as trustworthy anyways. Even if it's good code written under a fully free license, there's always a hidden motive like an attempt at improving public perception. Pity that's what it's like, but I don't see linux going anywhere anytime soon :)

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@randynose @ITwrx yeah it's booting in uefi mode, I think thats why the splash screen looks like that.

@randynose @ITwrx why would you switch if debian works for you? :)
Surprisingly, coming from windows, there haven't been any major difficulties yet, other than an unrecognized exfat formatted thumbdrive, and some gnome ui freezes when performing some cpu intensive tasks. She's been able to use it for the things she usually uses her laptop for. No problems ^^

@randynose the newspaper is the layer i keep at the bottom of the terrarium to make it easy to clean. The waste ends up on top of the paper, which can be removed, and new paper put in. And yes, I probably should have put some wood underneath it, that would have prevented the shattered glass :)
I underestimated the heat output of those little heat pads I guess :(

@Hex welcome ^^ looking forward to some of those posts :)

@art interestingly, exfat formatted thumb drives are not recognized by default in fedora. Maybe the drivers for it require proprietary code, and that's why it's not included by default?

@art this sounds correct. One of the things that made peertube feel weird is that you'll never know which content you'll be able to see. Imagine me on one peertube channel, sending a video to a friends. I'd think they'd want to view the video by searching for it on their instance, since content should be "federated". This often doesn't work. Blocking other instances should *really* be discouraged.
But still one of the best video platforms :)

@Gina haha I figured as much ^^ have fun on your vacation!

@Gina when would you want to bring him over? :) You'd have to travel all the way to friesland though 😅

Yay ^^ They finally arrived! The @fosstodon stickers. Adding another topicstarter to the billboard side of the thinkpad, it's been a great place to be ever since I joined. Thank you all!

@Tutanota yeah, the article's right, isp's shouldn',t be able to do that. Maybe one day there's a way to access the internet without such an intermediate company deciding what you can and can't do -.-

@art peertube is good, and under very active development it seems. Why not stick to that? :)

@purism apps like these is whats going to make mobile linux great, well designed, adaptive, and with a clear purpose. Good work!

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