First results of setting up the new superworm farm. After just a couple of days, the first pupa has formed! Excited to see how well they will do :)

Maybe this extremely hot weather isn't that great for most plants, but the pepper plants seems to really thrive. This is a nice first harvest. :)

Protip: if you have milk thats about to go bad, make pudding. It's a proven fact that pudding can't go bad, because it is always eaten beforehand.

Spoiling this little girl, she's feeling a bit ill :(

Shooting a blurry picture of , but man is it a sight to see every single time ^^
Jupiter was especially nice with all four galilean moons clustered around it. Magnificent!

Delicious wheel, from a recipe by chef John. Came out a bit dark, but still good.

Done some more polishing on the
Was the perfect weather for it yesterday :)
When the whole thing is polished it's time to take a look at the clutch cables and the clutch itself, it seems to be sticking.

Such a pretty
This is much more addicting than one would think 😅

Regular white bread from
Came out much better than the previous attempt :)

First time making beer . It came out pretty good. Now comes the hardest part: waiting for it to cool ^^

Anyone ever got graphical glitches like these? 😅 It looks like some kind of corruption, but it's hard finding people with similar problems online.

Working on a fake tock terrarium background. We started building our terrarium a long time ago, and it's time to finish decorating it :)

Smoked fish 

Thankfully this soft winter is almost over. Even though we didn't even have any real frost to do some astrophotography, the temperatures are getting high enough to comfortably smoke some fish. They turned out great.

Looking better everyday ^^ new battery, polished chrome, new fuses. Next up: try and make the engine run less shitty.
The fact that it runs at all is good news though ^^

Busy polishing part of a neglected (by me I must add) . It's a lot of work, but very rewarding. Can't wait to have this bike on the road eventually ^^

Yay ^^ They finally arrived! The @fosstodon stickers. Adding another topicstarter to the billboard side of the thinkpad, it's been a great place to be ever since I joined. Thank you all!

Getting increasingly interested in using neural networks for computer vision applications, given that they are now able to be used on commodity hardware. Still having trouble getting this YOLO example to run at over 1 frame per 30 seconds, but it's amazing what proper use of neural networks can do already!

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