I feel like I should make one exactly like this, and eat the whole thing :p

Now that our neighbours got us food, I feel we have to return the favor. It's in the oven now, but what sucks is that I can't have a piece.. it's no good gifting a half eaten :p

Our Syrian neighbours just came over, and brought us this.
Apparently it's spiced rice with meat rolled up in a grape leaf. These things are delicious :o

Alright, it works :D the actual time is visible on the left, and my little binary clock is shown on the right, displaying the current time as well. Yay ^^

Right now I'm building worlds worst binary clock, as a gnome extension. Still, having never touched gnome's extension system, or programmed anything in javascript ever, i think it's going pretty well :P

Probably one of the last sunny days this year, perfect day for some smoking.
They turned out great! Good practice for the championship next year :)

I have a pet bread now..
Yesterday made my first bread using just flour, water yeast and salt. It came out good, but lacking flavor. Hopefully the sourdough bread we can make from this bread starter will turn out better :)

Helped someone set up internet at home, maybe i can ask them if i can get to keep the tv as a way of thanking me 😅

I made this flower thing, turns out I'm not much of a builder but at least it's straight ^^
Tomorrow it's dry enough to put soil and plants in.

I didn't want to spend an hour admiring it, but I'm waiting on a key to get back in the house.. nothing much to do other than sitting on the doorstep.

time. The best thing was that the store was out of 250gram packs of frozen salmon, so their rules say we get a comparable product for free, which in our case was 500grams of salmon :D

Hmm, some homemade garlic naan bread with tikka masala ^^

hmm.. Now I´m getting really inspired to go learn about computer vision and and discrete math again :( this is fascinating.

Apparently, our little speedy has a recurring outbreak of . She has had an x-ray photo taken today, and it showed no broken bones, but it hurt her so bad she bit off the tip of her own toe 😭
Now we have three different kinds of liquid medications we have to give her for two weeks. Lets hope it stays gone this time!
Comparing the two bottom images clearly reveals the sore one.

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