Per popular request we're exploring alternative payment options. Let's assume we keep Paypal and ONLY add as an option, will you use Bitcoin for future purchases?


@PINE64 cryptocurrency has too high of an entrance barrier, as long as there is no standardized safe way of setting it up, it won't be an option for the majority of people. I'm pretty tech savvy, but it has been too deep a dive to be sure enough of what I'm doing to get into it, which makes it not an option for me. Preferably a more standard form of transaction please :)

@vancha @PINE64 there are PayPal users, and there are cryptocurrency users. They tend to be distinct, which seems like it's the goal.

Getting greater coverage for greater availability.

"Majority" doesn't really come into it (that's already "Paypal users")

@keverets @vancha @PINE64 Yup. PayPal is great, in certain countries, for certain people - where Visa is also great. Then there are countries where PayPal is not an option. Bitcoin is a great option for non-US countries paying to the US, etc.

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