There's always weird things going on over at the mastodon instance. Seems like they aren't doing anything to combat the spam. I get multiple friend requests by obviously fake accounts there all the time.

@vancha Company that lays off 23 employees near the launch of a managed services launch...having trouble managing their services? 🤔 interesting :P

@brandon I don't read those news reports on purpose, they make me scared o.0
I really need them to stay afloat just a while longer and deliver their phones ^^

@vancha I wouldn't get their phone just because I know what it's like to have a phone with a no-longer-supported OS. I'd venture the PinePhone will be the better choice

@brandon wait, don't they have the same os'es? There should be a couple of supported operating systems for both devices.
I was actually kind of hoping that mobile gnome at least comes to one device :(
There's been so much work put into that, that it would be forever sad to see it gone to waste.

@vancha It's going to be running PureOS and GNOME will be there, but the issue will be with them maintaining the modifications needed to be made to many applications to make them decently runnable on a smaller screen like the Librem 5.

Unless I've misunderstood something

@brandon it looks like those things are bing implemented by contributors to various projects. No reason to depends on purism for that. They already developed libhandy which is a large portion of the work.
Then it's up to contributors to existing projects to help make their applications more responsive.
With or without purisms success, there will be a need for responsive gtk apps anyway some time in the future :)

@vancha This is one of the things that I feel Apple does better on the desktop than most do. Responsive applications are difficult to get right if the UI library doesn't support it very well

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