I wonder if it's worth learning laravel, or at least one php framework that can make life easier, not harder.

@vancha Depending on the application, yes. A well-supported—in terms of community—framework makes life way easier. Routing, database abstraction, input sanitization, form validation, CRUD controllers to quickly build an entire app (prototype) ...

@janboddez That's what I keep hearing, but after trying to get into any framework, the immense complexity of them makes me unable to do anything productive with them.
Maybe it's just that I'm taking the wrong approach. I've been invited to a Laravel meetup somewhere in the Netherlands, where hopefully I can meet someone who can explain some laravel specifics I'd like to know. :)

@vancha Hmm, can’t say I found it overwhelmingly hard to get started with. Create a database table (or some migration), define a model, a controller and corresponding route, and a view template and you’ve got half your application. Maybe try creating a very simple blog or so, with as few Composer packages as possible? 😁

@vancha That said, I’m hardly an expert. (Which is exactly why I like to try things out without immediately resorting to someone else’s code.)

@vancha here is all the framework you need in php unless you want to enslave yourself to the clown masters. As for JavaScript never under any circumstances use a framework or you are doomed for all eternity.

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