I just noticed something weird on mastodon, but maybe thats intended behavior.
I explicitly set my profile to not be indexed by search engines (which includes my posts).
But when my posts get shared/boosted by someone who hasn't, they still show up on search engines :(

@vancha Doesn't sound as intended. Maybe create an issue for it?

@trawzified yeah maybe I should, thinking about it, it kind of defeats the purpose of not having your profile and such indexed. Now I have to hope no one boosts/likes my toots or responds to them.. kind of like a-social media..

@vancha I’m a bit afraid not much that can be done about that. Typically, you—or the application—would set a `noindex` meta tag, or robots.txt, but I don’t think one can easily exclude _part_ of a page.

@janboddez yeah that would make sense too. If one person's messages are indexed, so is the rest of the page. It might be asking for the impossible.

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