Pff, seems there's going to be another discussion about putting backdoors in encrypted software here in the Netherlands, when is this going to end :(
I know a good intermediate solution: the government stops doing sneaky things and becomes "open and transparent", and then they will need to testdrive the applications with weakened encryption. See how long it takes before some scandal hits the news.

@vancha This coalition is so broken. Almost every other day they are caught lying.

@mplammers these discussions are getting frustrating, not the only because we've had them countless times in the past, but more so because the conclusion is always the same: it's a terrible idea.
The next time they'll discuss, again, they'll arrive at the same conclusion.
If there's ways for the government to hide plans for it's people, then I think the reverse should apply too.

@vancha frustration is logical when your government explains a delusional technological power fantasy on national television

you don't know what you've got til it's gone

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