Anyone got a suggestion for a new series to watch?
Preferrably science fiction or horror, I'm out of ideas, and i don't just want to click the first "recommended" netflix suggestion only to come out disappointed.

@vancha [sneaking in from the left to listen in and get some suggestions]

@ohyran @vancha I've heard good things about Westworld, but I've not watched it myself yet. That's probably next on my list. Black Mirror is very good, if you haven't seen that. Altered Carbon is really good too.

@kev @ohyran westworld was great, but after three episodes my girlfriend couldn't get into it, so it's on hold for my spare time for me :p

@ohyran @kev for black mirror i found some episodes were really great, and others were below average :p

@vancha have you seen Dark?
Z Nation (which makes fun of horror and zombies a lot! But it's a nice palate cleanser)
Rain, is pretty good too.

All should be available on Netflix

@maloki makes fun of them? Sounds like comedy then, but from what i've found out it looks refreshing indeed, thanks!

@vancha Definitely watch Dark Tourist, if you haven't already. It's a documentary series. I met the guy from it the other day.

@dan thanks for your suggestion, I'll check it out!

@vancha @codesections The Expanse is really good – some neat stuff with realistic depictions of gravity and space travel.

@ashfurrow @codesections thanks! If it's pictured in a realistic way all the better, I'll check it out :)

@vancha @codesections yeah they use acceleration for travel as a form of artificial gravity: accelerate towards your destination at 1G until the halfway point, then flip and accelerate away from your destination at 1G until you arrive. Neat!

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