Black man with a book is more dangerous than a black man with a gun.
Because a black man with a gun might or might not kill with his gun but a black man with a book can change the whole system and that's what the government fears the most

what we have learned walking through 2020 so far:
* Natural disasters can bring us to our knees and we can't do nothing about it
* How weak our health system is
* Racism was and still exists and we still getting killed based on our skin color
* The biggest scam on human history is the money that has been spent on the military that won't even hesitate to attack their own people to protect their interests
* The truth will always come out no matter how hard your tried to bury it

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NYPD police cruisers RUN INTO crowds of protesters in terrifying video

A pair of NYPD vehicles lurched through a crowd of New Yorkers that swarmed them amid the nationwide demonstrations over the death of Minnesotan George Floyd at the hands of police. Read Full Article at

The land of Freedom where you have :

# Freedom of speech
# Freedom of practicing your religion
# Freedom of feeling superior over any race as long you're white
# Freedom to buy a gun like buying a phone
# Freedom of killing whoever you want as long as you have badge
# Freedom of invading any country of your choice using tax payers money
# Freedom to be spied on by name of national security

I refuse to live my life based on an idea that it just happened for us to exist in this world without a purpose or goal..
we came too far with technology and science to feel like we used to be animals

We all are visitors in life and it won't matter for how long, we going to leave someday and we don't know when yet we still taking things like waking up in the morning and get back to sleep at night for granted.
Let's ask ourselves :
what impact we have made ?
How we would like to be remembered for?
How big this issue we have today if we knew we have only a day to live?
Would we be missed or loved long after we gone?
Maybe we are giving a chance everyday to create the answers....who knows!

Is just me or been quarantined isn't as bad we thought it will be?

Isn't Funny the only thing human have in common is the main reason for our endless conflicts?? (Our Believe)
It doesn't matter if you're a religious person or an atheist, Believe is an essential key for living..
* We work "believing" the money we will get will ease our life
* we dress and go out "believing" we will reach our destination
* we sleep "believing" we will wake up the next day
The moment we stop believing is the moment we will fall into our own chaos and mental instability

Why I got a deep feeling that humanity will get back to their old behavior and nothing will be learned out of this pandemic?

So finally got out of the rock I've been living under and discovered Mastodon 😂


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