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Hello world! We are working hard to bring you a beta version as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

New UXBOX dev update! 📝

Late October:

• Assets - Typography
• Color picker - Harmony & HSV
• Teams
• Text styles improvements

New UXBOX dev update!

Early October:

• Review dashboard design
• Nested components
• Effects - Shadows
• Undo history debug

"UXBOX, towards al alpha release": OpenUp Summit presentation by our CEO, Pablo Ruiz 📹

Este sábado, a las 17.55, estaremos en @eslibre

Juan de la Cruz dará la charla "UXBOX, la solución libre para diseño y prototipado"


Accesible desde

New UXBOX dev update!

Late September:

• New pixel level-picker
• New color palettes
• File persistence refactor
• Components feature

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This one is a *must watch* for anyone interested in design and open source!

There are some amazing talks about collaboration as designers in OSS, Data bias and so much more. Truly the organisers have lined up a feast of talks 😄


New UXBOX dev update!

Early September:

• New assets panel
• New library management
• New data file architecture
• New color picker

Next FOSDEM will be online: 6 & 7 February 2021.

Last FOSDEM we were very excited to contribute to the track. You can watch the video here ⬇️

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La petición de contribuciones para esLibre 2020 ya está lista:

Envíanos tu propuesta de charla, taller, sala (devroom) o lo que se te ocurra. Temática: software libre, tecnologías libres, y (novedad este año) cultura libre.

"UXBOX, towards an Alpha Release": talk by our CEO at , a 24 hrs online discussion around
12-13 September.
More info at

New UXBOX dev update!

Late July:

• Export files as PDF
• Developing new asset libraries
• User testing issues - Bug Fixing

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Just joined the "Opensource design forum" at

Seems like a pretty neat place has a lot of neat resources as well as job postings for projects that are opensource.

#opensource #opensourcedesign #libresoftware #foss #floss #mastoart #fediart #art #design

New UXBOX dev update!

Late June:

• Text tool rework
• Export to bitmap research
• Layers systems improvements
• General review and bugfixing

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New UXBOX dev update! #DevDiary

• New login & user profile
• Dynamic alignment (Advanced)
• New icon set and handlers
• Notifications system
• Grid layout & configuration

#OpenSourceDesign #Prototyping #Wireframing #UXUI


A few weeks ago we started a developer's diary to share UXBOX's new features with you!
Here are some of our last updates.

Hello world! We are working hard to bring you a beta version as soon as possible. Stay tuned!


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