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OpenBIOS - open source Forth firmware 

The OpenBIOS Project is an open source implementation of OpenFirmware, a Firmware based on Forth (used in SUN and PPC Apple computer, among others)

It can also be used as a hosted Forth running on top of a normal operating system.

OpenBIOS is used for booting Solaris and MacOS X PPC in QEMU.

The Homepage is at

The mailing list

Got myself a PC upgrade: New 7 3700x CPU (8 cores, 16 threads) + DDR4 RAM + NVMe SSD.

Quick comparison "benchmark" of building all @sigrok components from source:

* Laptop (Ryzen 5 3500U, DDR4, SATA SSD): 6 minutes.

* New PC: 2.5 minutes.

I'm curious how much faster a full build will be; guess I'll find out soon.

While arguing about the feasibility of reverse engineering Windows into ReactOS, I just remembered that the Windows kernel comes with an x86 emulator to run VGABIOS in.

The amount of weird shit that comes with Windows for reasons is astounding.

Interesting blog post by Matthew Garrett: "Which smart bulbs should you buy (from a security perspective)".

Received my Joulescope today! It will be a great addition to my toolset. Can't wait to power optimize all the things now. I am impressed how much stuff is on the board to do the job. I wish the schematic was published so I could learn in more detail about how it works.

Updated my Samsung S7 from (unofficial) 15.1 to 16.0 (both self-built and without gapps) and thus also 8.1 to 9.

Looks good so far, haven't noticed any regressions.

Also a good test of my personal app data backup/restore strategy, which also seems to work quite nicely. 😃

The reset process for GE smartbulbs is the sweet spot between "impossible to do intentionally" and "easily done by a toddler playing with the lightswitch."

Did you hear? There's a fan project to build Half Life 2 Episode 3. It's coming along rather nicely, and apparently it will support Linux.

Wow, this little logic analyzer for 10 bucks (and @sigrok) make suuuuch a difference working with hardware, it's unbelievable. With all the debugging options I have now, I might just be able to get the original design with the PIC working...

In reality, worf just wanted a vacation and his next leave was too far off

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So the verdict is in, the coffee warmer is a great tool! It really makes rework easier! And it fits under my microscope unlike the bigger hot plate. It also seems to be ok with some hot air action too! :D

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CCC against weakening of encryption by law: Everybody must be able to rely on the fact that the use of digital products and services meets the requirements for the protection of the data and the integrity of the systems

The Glasgow digital interface explorer revC1 prototype boards arrived! I will change Hana drawing to be only outlines so she also looks good on a white background PCB in the next update. Yes they did arrive a little while back but I did not have the spare time to work on them.

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Teardown & Experiments with Agilent mm-Wave W-Band (75 - 110GHz) T/R Module

GrapheneOS is an open source privacy and security focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility.

Driven by #fintech and, tried to sneak a #backdoor into the new transport encryption standard #TLS revision 1.3, and failed because resisted.
#ETSI's backdoored encryption is called #eTLS or #ETS.

#BBA19 #BigBrotherAwards

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