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In reality, worf just wanted a vacation and his next leave was too far off

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So the verdict is in, the coffee warmer is a great tool! It really makes rework easier! And it fits under my microscope unlike the bigger hot plate. It also seems to be ok with some hot air action too! :D

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CCC against weakening of encryption by law: Everybody must be able to rely on the fact that the use of digital products and services meets the requirements for the protection of the data and the integrity of the systems

The Glasgow digital interface explorer revC1 prototype boards arrived! I will change Hana drawing to be only outlines so she also looks good on a white background PCB in the next update. Yes they did arrive a little while back but I did not have the spare time to work on them.

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Teardown & Experiments with Agilent mm-Wave W-Band (75 - 110GHz) T/R Module

GrapheneOS is an open source privacy and security focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility.

Driven by #fintech and, tried to sneak a #backdoor into the new transport encryption standard #TLS revision 1.3, and failed because resisted.
#ETSI's backdoored encryption is called #eTLS or #ETS.

#BBA19 #BigBrotherAwards

Holy crap. There's an project called , a smartwatch OS based on and some components via libhybris, , QML for UI and watchfaces.

This is probably the most open and privacy-friendly way to run a smartwatch (no Google or Samsung or Apple or ... accounts/spyware required, etc).

There's a matching Android app called in as well, for the smartphone side.

Bought an LG G Watch Urbane on eBay for testing.

#PeerTube 1.3 is out! And it brings a lot of new features!!! A playlist system, 3 new languages (Japanese, Dutch and European Portuguese), a new design for the player, some adjustments to the user interface and many settings for administrators! More on

Saw a documentary last last night how we have poisoned the earth and ourselves with . The average person already has thousands of pieces of microplastic in their body. We could very well consume ourselfes into extinction. How cynical.

Alternatively, the classic sleepsort, for lists of integers:

sleepsort() {
for n in $*
( sleep $n && echo "$n" ) &

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Running on your - Everything you need to know in 2019

I wrote this short introduction to the world of Linux for smartphones to answer some common questions of both new and experienced users to this new segment of the open source world. Whether you're wondering if it's possible to install Linux on your smart device, how to choose a distribution for daily usage (if possible), or how easily the porting to a new device would be, this post might help


Mind the router firmware.

There might be an anonymous device in your home, silently tracking your evry move on the network 24/7, harvesting personal information, reporting to it's master (and that's not you). Proprietary router firmware is scary.

I'm preparing for an experiment: #Google free #Android. Only LineageOS, root and F-Droid. Possibly Amazon and Humble. I have a few apps that I'm still looking for alternatives: Titanium Backup, BP Log, HelloGuestWiFi, Screebl, DWD WarnWetter.
Probably others. Suggestions welcome!

Ten years ago this week, I started a project to free my Canon DSLR camera's firmware and there are still improvements being made today thanks to and other developers who turned my reverse engineered hack into a useful tool for film makers:

"Bose Corp spies on its wireless headphone customers by using an app that tracks the music, podcasts and other audio they listen to, and violates their privacy rights by selling the information without permission, a lawsuit charged." – #Privacy #Bose

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