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Free VPN apps on Android–many apps leak your identity, ask for questionable permissions, or track you:

– tested: 150 free VPN apps with over 260M installs from Google Play Store
– 25% fail to protect user privacy due to DNS and other leaks
– 85% feature excessive permissions or functions with potential for privacy abuses

As recommended by Steve Gibson in SN 698 "Which Mobile VPN Client?":

Use OpenVPN, if possible.

#vpn #openvpn #android #privacy

The @fosdem will begin in a few days in Brussels. Our talk, "Analysis of the behavior of mobile applications and its consequences for our privacy" will take place in the Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom !

just finished the PCB layout for a new #Osmocom open source hardware project: osmo-clock-gen: which I will be using to derive reference clocks for various SDRs from my 10MHz GPS-DO.

Random statistics: my new website (deployed + files) is ca. 1.2MB in size (without images).

The old site was ca. 130MB in size (without images) plus 8.5MB in SQL dump.

Same user-visible content in both sites.

What do y'all use to manage/backup your dotfiles? Why'd ya pick it?

I've been meaning to set something up, but I keep falling into choice-paralysis and putting it off.

Leading contenders include:

YADM (bash)
dot (rust)
GNU Stow (perl)
doing it manually with shell aliases:
chezmoi: (go)

Currently leaning towards chezmoi (because most features) or YADM (because pure bash)

Here's the final box, if someone wants to build one:

Useful for power-cycling devices-under-test remotely.

Note, the relays are rated for mains 240V, however this case offers no safety features for high voltage use.

Alright, first version of my new based website / (converted from ) is up:

Feedback, questions, suggestions welcome.

I'll probably do a longer write-up of the reasons, pros and cons, my personal workflow etc. soonish, we'll see.

#OpenAudio is an instance of @funkwhale , which is part of the ActivityPub-powered Fediverse.

You can browse tens of thousands of music tracks that are legal to download and share at: specialises in #CreativeCommons tracks and other #Libre music, much of it from the Free Music Archive ( The FMA has been under threat recently, so is a sort of lifeboat for the content.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Music #FunkWhale

I've been working on converting my website/#blog from to ( recently, almost finished now (more details later).

Encountered a few quirks, but overall I quite like it so far. I made a simple theme from scratch as well.

It's kinda refreshing to write content in again. It's for blog posts and such, plus some additional plain and .

Versioning in , of course.

Trying to find a reasonable alternative to streaming via YouTube or Facebook. Having a hard time.

Alternatives found so far, and their downsides:

Twitch: Amazon owned. Full screen ad blocking the stream when you join (at least once when I tried)

Jitsi Meet: Really a vidoeconfernce tool, so it might be confusing that you're asked to give access to cam+mic. Don't know if there's any limits to number of viewers. (But FOSS! :D)

DaCast: Limited to 15 viewers on free account.

Thanks for the suggestions! I've had a quick look over some stuff as well, there's apparently more wrt. APIs from various services than I would have expected; but there are also various issues, as far as I can see.

I guess I'll have to systematically analyze a few of these and check whether anything would be (a) usable for me and (b) have significant advantages over just using the client as is.

Hm, are there any clients for ?

Or maybe for any other major streaming service for that matter? or or maybe? Or any other streaming service that (legally) has 99% or so of the world's commercial music?

I'm currently paying for , but if any of the other services offer a client, I'm more than happy to give them my money instead.

Michal Stanek over at Twitter did a quick look at the crypto behind #7zip file encryption. Not entirely surprisingly, what he found wasn't pleasant:

#crypto #cryptofail

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