is a lossless optimizer.

OptiPNG recompresses PNG files to decrease their size. This process is lossless, meaning the contents of the images are exactly the same once decompressed. OptiPNG can work on several formats, including and , outputting an optimized PNG version of whatever input is given. OptiPNG can also verify the integrity of an image and recover metadata.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: optipng

If you're wondering what's going on with the Olive video editor - you probably missed this post:
#Olive #OliveVideoEditor has finally been [properly] replaced with

It's a site, based on Laravel, providing CC0 and public domain SVG files, including the 55,000+ we scraped from

#openclipart #svg #inkscape

The pre-built binaries in the form of are now being built on a more recent OS (Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus from 2016) since we now require more recent versions of some libraries, e.g. .

The new AppImages should thus run fine on any somewhat modern Linux distro more recent than roughly 2016.

Downloads are available from here, as always:

If you notice any issues, please let us know.

@kuketzblog Ich benutze nur . Hauptvorteil ist, dass es Open-Source ist und auf läuft. Sicherheit und Datenschutz scheinen OK zu sein, zumindest besser als die meisten Alternativen.

Ca. 15 Kontakte, die Hälfte sind über mich zu Signal gekommen.

just wanted to let you know that there's an url lengthener, in case you needed that: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hi everyone! I'm an embedded developer and enthusiast from Germany. is my main OS for about 15 and with for around 6 years now.

I care about and . My natural habitat is the . I prefer working with files and use for most editing tasks.

Things I enjoy: and

Genres of choice:

Pretty CPU pictures. Plus anti reversing protection.

So Intel must already have been pretty worried about people reading their ucode back when pentium(p5) was released, the ucode store is covered by a solid metal plane, after delayering the array becomes visible but the first layer under the metal is too thin to save

By the numbers: ZFS Performance Results from Six Operating Systems and Their Derivatives

A real life Bobby tables! Someone registered a custom car license plate "NULL" and got assigned every speeding ticket where the image processing system was unable to determine a plate number.

Two flash clips, a flash emulator, a flash programmer, surface mount soldered test points, oscilloscope probes, cat5 crossover cable, and both a TTL serial adapter as well as an RS232 serial adapter with null modem & genderchanger. Finally got my emacs setup just how I like it.

How Can AMD EPYC "Rome" 7002 Series Be Even Better? Open-Source BIOS / Coreboot

is a solid buy for me, now. All recommendations I make will be for AMD, too. I don’t care if those I convince don’t use core-boot or whatever, the gesture is not going unheeded.

@louwestin @kev Yeah, but you can simply reinstall grub again afterwards, it's a bit inconvenient but not too big of a problem.

Anyone interested to take over the maintenance of the driver for the floppy controller in the Linux Kernel?

Holy what!

"Amazon's home security company Ring has enlisted local police departments around the country to advertise its surveillance cameras in exchange for free Ring products and a “portal” that allows police to request footage from these cameras, a secret agreement obtained by Motherboard shows."


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