(Pipe Viewer) is an essential utility for the terminal.

pv tracks how much data goes through it, and can estimate the time until completion.

This is a great help when performing tasks like tarring a directory. tar -xzf out.tgz dir/ will tar and compress dir but it doesn't give a progress meter. tar -xzf - dir/ | pv > out.tgz does the same and shows a detailed progress meter with pv.

Website 🔗: ivarch.com/programs/pv.shtml

apt 📦: pv

@kelbot @kev Discs are problematic for backups too, unfortunately. In my experience they tend to die faster than I'd like. I'd do multiple backups and/or on different media to reduce risk.

As you might have seen, I made another video/remix recently:


That one had quite a bunch of instruments and took quite a while to create. So for the next piece I'm going try something a LOT more minimalist:

It's going to contain exactly one "instrument": an old, fucked-up cooking pot.

No, I'm not kidding. I want to see how many different sounds it can produce and whether or not I can make a percussion piece that doesn't sound like complete crap.

@plumps LTE hatte ich nie vor zu benutzen 😀 Mir ging es nur um VDSL2, das hab ich mit erfolgreich am laufen, inkl. Vectoring (100Mbit/s down, 40Mbit/s up).

@codesections Random other debug idea: boot a Linux live distro and check it there's any weird errors in dmesg etc.

All the recordings of the Free Silicon Conference are now online:


Day 1 focuses on high-level design. Some of the concepts presented in the first talks can be partially applied to FPGAs as well

Day 2 discusses aspects closer to silicon, such as PDKs, memory generators and layouting

Day 3 presents hands-on tutorials

The full program is available at:


@plumps Ich hab das Teil komplett aufgegeben, die Firmware ist ein graus. Bei mir läuft jetzt ein openwrt mit anderer Hardware.

@plumps Ich glaube nicht, da müsste man einiges versuchen zu reparieren und soweit fixen, dass es wenigstens überhaupt mal baut mit aktuellen toolchains. Ob es dann auch laufen würde und ob da wirklich alles dabei ist was nötig wäre ist unklar. Ohne Backup würde ich vom Versuch auf jeden Fall abraten 😉

Das finde ich extrem witzig: independent.co.uk/news/world/a

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the beach in Australia to express their anger at Tony Abbott’s failure to address climate change – by literally burying their heads in the sand.

I have a better solution, it’s called tap water

Evian's answer to wasteful plastic bottles is a smart water dispenser engadget.com/2019/04/15/evian-

Apparently human staff at Amazon Alexa listen to what people say, even very intimate things (bloomberg.com/news/articles/20).

Alexa uploads your speech to be analysed on Amazon's servers. Siri, Cortana, Bixby etc also do this.

A better alternative is Snips, which doesn't upload your voice anywhere:



You install it on a Raspberry Pi, and access it directly or from your other devices.

(n.b. It's still in beta and requires tech knowledge to set up)

@kuketzblog @macst3r Auch weil weniger unnötige Software die Angriffsfläche verringert. Spart nebenbei auch Platz und Bandbreite bzgl. Updates der unnötigen Software.

Apparently, setting `pointer-events: none` on an element prevents uBlock Origin's "Block this element" picker from being able to, well, pick it, and some websites have started to (ab)use this to make it harder for us to block their ads.

The workaround is of course to go into developer tools and manually allow pointer events on the ad, then block it via uBlock Origin.

We proudly announce to run our own #peertube instance to host the videos of the past Free Silicon Conference 2019:



EU calls Project Gutenberg archive, 15 million ebooks, Grateful Dead recordings and Prelinger Archive "terrorism," demands removal from Internet Archive weburl.fun/1i

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