Updated my Samsung S7 from (unofficial) 15.1 to 16.0 (both self-built and without gapps) and thus also 8.1 to 9.

Looks good so far, haven't noticed any regressions.

Also a good test of my personal app data backup/restore strategy, which also seems to work quite nicely. πŸ˜ƒ

Oh interesting, what do you use for backups?

Have you seen Backup app & the work the #CalyxOS folks are doing?

Once its finished its going to also be added to #GrapheneOS

Both very nice OS projects

Be cool if someone ported either to a non Pixel device

Theres some code in Calyx repo towards adding the Mi A2 as its a phone one dev has & like Pixels it supports verified boot with a different OS. Need that to use Graphene Auditor app (which both OS bundle)

I used to have an S7. I broke the glass back the first week I had it. Thankfully I was able to replace it - slippery phone

@jhol Do you have one of those rubber cases for the phone?

I like those quite a lot, the phone won't slip on any surface anymore. My phone had a few unrelated "crashes" to the ground, I'm assuming the case also helps a bit to protect the glass, mine didn't break yet.

Now I have the S8 - just as slippery as the S7 and I broke the camera glass already πŸ˜₯ Hopefully replace it today

Theres no official Lineage build for the S8. I wonder how hard it is to make a polished port

Amazing! Hopefully that will come to fruition before too long

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