So I've built from source recently.

I want to run a self-built image, so I know exactly what's going on (and I can test/bisect in case of issues, customize, etc.).

Also, I want the image + apps to be signed with my own keys (not other people's keys or the test-keys).

Quick stats: Disk usage after grabbing all source code: 60GB. Disk usage after a build: 145GB. A full build on my laptop (AMD A10-8700P, 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, SSD) takes 7 hours or so.

Might blog about details later.

Are you installing your home-compiled LineageOS on officially supported or unsupported hardware?

@pell Depends on your point of view actually.

It's a Samsung S7, which has a 14.1 official build and a 15.1 and 16.0 unofficial build. The 14.1-only official builds have been dropped a few days ago though, so currently there's no official builds at all for the S7.

I'm currently running a 15.1 build (looks more stable than 16.0 atm), the maintainer has plans to make the 16.0 build official at some point in the future, though.

Wow. I debated trying this myself some day but that sounds like a major undertaking.

@gentoorebel Nah, it's pretty simple to do actually, just takes a lot of time and disk space.

You basically hit enter on the last build command and then go to sleep. On the next morning you have a working image 😀

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