Hm, are there any clients for ?

Or maybe for any other major streaming service for that matter? or or maybe? Or any other streaming service that (legally) has 99% or so of the world's commercial music?

I'm currently paying for , but if any of the other services offer a client, I'm more than happy to give them my money instead.

Thanks for the suggestions! I've had a quick look over some stuff as well, there's apparently more wrt. APIs from various services than I would have expected; but there are also various issues, as far as I can see.

I guess I'll have to systematically analyze a few of these and check whether anything would be (a) usable for me and (b) have significant advantages over just using the client as is.

@uwehermann Saving your toot, I'm interested to find that out as well. I can't imagine there is any, there is no incentive for any paid service to open their APIs for a competing client.

@uwehermann go to, choose browse, and search mastodon. I use Tusker.

@uwehermann oops, i just reread and saw your looking for something else. Sorry.

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