If you're using Android on some phone or tablet and you're not using yet, do yourself a favor and install it.

It's an alternative appstore with purely OSS software apps. Overall improved security and privacy on your mobile device (alternative apps for pretty much everything are available, with reduced tracking, no ads, no backdoors, reproducible builds, and so on).


Also follow @fdroidorg while you're at it.

@uwehermann @fdroidorg I use it much as I can, but a lot of apps have issues whit push notifications with out play services access.

@maigonis @fdroidorg Yep, if you additionally also run LineageOS or other cutom ROMs without Google Play services (like I do) some things like push notifications won't work since they require Google stuff. I'm in the lucky position that I don't need many of those apps, though. The only one is Signal really, and luckily they have a custom APK on their website which works without Google Play services.

@uwehermann @fdroidorg Have You tried microG?

I run AOSP GSI, Phh Pie latest build. As much as I can I stay away from Google, but for example they're search engine works great and You can find stuff fast. I tried DuckDuckGo and it it no bad, but not as good.

@uwehermann @fdroidorg i know its a secondary concern when we talk aboout privacy, but have you noticed any speed/performance advantages?

@yavien @uwehermann @fdroidorg Sure: battery lasts for about 4 days – now that there's no juice needed for trackers, GService stuff & Co.

@uwehermann @fdroidorg it's great and all, but it is only an addition to the play store, unless you are very hardcore. Also there is no payment method so I have bought some things on Play store that are also on fdroid.

@kelly_clowers @fdroidorg Paid apps could be a problem, yes. But other than that you can easily grab APKs not available in via apps like Yalp. No Google Play services required, no Google account required.

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