John from Microsoft, the fake technical support, is currently calling frequently. Do you have any interesting ideas what trick I might want to play on him next time?

@utf8equalsX If you think its them, introduce yourself as "John Maekkrosuft" so when they say "This is John from Microsoft" you go "Yes this is John Maekkrosuft, who is this?" and see how long you can keep the confusion going.

@ohyran @utf8equalsX or better try to follow or better .... it is a pity these sites reject my browsers for vision impaired people.

@tyr They are usually using commercially available software that mostly only supports Windows. Once I actually had the software telling me not to give the code to people calling from Microsoft

@utf8equalsX YouTube is full of videos where they reverse scam the 'microsoft' scammers. :)

Personally I'd either say I don't use Microsoft products, or pretend I don't speak English and just reply in Dutch (while living in Norway), just like how I'd talk Norwegian to certain annoying folk while I was still living in the Netherlands.

@utf8equalsX or say that I'm actually having issues with my MSX, which runs Microsoft Basic.

I tend to forward them to a bot at my home called Lenny. It basically responds for you and wastes their time.

If you're messing with them on a VM, nowadays they have some basic VM checks in their script to follow, just a heads up.

@GigaByte4711 Last time they called, they did not notice I was in a VM and I let them continue until almost the very end. I actually made a video summary of that @fy!

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