Looking for an #Android Dev who could help establishing a "foss build flavor" removing Crashlytics from an app at github.com/yevhenii-kanivets/M - anyone out there to help? If it's not you, please boost. Thanks!

Thanks for all your boosts – and showing your support! Looks like Yky has the PR ready, and now it's up to the author to review and merge it. As soon as that's done, he hopefully agrees to bring the app to @fdroidorg (I've already suggested that to him).

Great action – your backing even surprised me here! 35 boosts and just a few hours to get the problem tackled, that's phantastic! A big 💚 👍 🎆 and more to you all, you're great!

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@IzzyOnDroid PR #183 that Yky opened only removes crashlytics and does not establish two separate build flavors (you can easily see that by looking at the PR, notice how it simply removes the dependency), unfortunately.


@IzzyOnDroid I hope my comment on the GitHub issue is helpful to clear up confusion…

@utf8equalsX yes, definitely - and very much appreciated! Not being an android dev myself, I only have rather vague ideas on how it works, so someone like you can much better explain the details.

Could you maybe even provide a PR, based on Yky's PR combined with what you wrote, to establish a build flavor?

@IzzyOnDroid I have an idea on how one could do it, but I'm not convinced it is the cleanest way possible. I will try it after lunch

@IzzyOnDroid Hey look, the app author was happy with my PR! :)

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