Scored 00:29:59 of a fake Microsoft callcenter guy. He hung up because his 64bit TeamViewer, AnyDesk and Supremo exes wouldn't run inside my 32bit Windows XP virtual machine.

New record!! Scored 2 hours, 6 minutes, 47 seconds of a fake Microsoft callcenter!

I have a screen recording of what they did to my XP virtual machine, if anyone wants to have a look.

Maybe I'll do a livestream next time, that would be more fun?

@schenklklopfer @feynman @elophant No, unfortunately not. I'm considering creating a cut version with commentary to explain what was happening.

@schenklklopfer @feynman @elophant There's some fun stories to tell about it, I should really do it

@schenklklopfer @feynman @elophant Okay, this is quite the long script I have written. Video should be done not later than tomorrow!

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