little rant about Apple @mauro Which, I have to add, is absolutley impossible on Apple devices.

little rant about Apple 

If his device support some decent ROM, yes.
@amolith @mauro


little rant about Apple 

@nikolal @mauro I beleive OnePlus devices are quite popular within the Android enthusiast community. So there should be but I may as well check very quickly

@mauro Your OnePlus 3 / 3T, with the very creative codename of "oneplus3", has official Lineage 16.0 (Android 9.0) support. You can also have a 16.0 lineage+microg build from Don't lose faith!


little rant about Apple 

Yeah this phone is probably one of the best with lineage OS, but again, at this point in life I'd rather use apple than tinker with backups, flashing roms and solve the inevitable problems that will come. And all this to still have a subpar smartphone experience.
@nikolal @amolith

@mauro @nikolal You think you're getting too old for things that don't just work? :(

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