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Old texts should be read in their original spelling.

So the secret in FIDO2 physical keys, from which all keypairs used to authenticate derive, is already compromised once it leaves the factory. And since there is no backward secrecy and you're not (supposed to be) able to change it, it will always remain compromised.

FIDO2 would almost be nice. But the secrets hardcoded into its physical keys are generated at the factory, aren't they? m(

How good is the compatibility (both ways) between Scribus and Microsoft Publisher?

People who program telephone queues should consider adding music playback control.

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@utf8equalsX @kev @Matter i agree that self-hosting should be done at home, but the lack of good ISPs that support doing this is a real obstacle to doing so. i host * on my laptop but i only do so via vpn with an ip address from my dedicated server in another country, or via tor or i2p. things like tor allow hosting "directly" from home, punching through nat and dynamic ip addresses, but using it alone reduces accessibility to people who dont use it

In case of criticism I don't like, I may find it to be either too abstract or too concrete.

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have you tried turning it

@fosstodon appears to be hosted on Is that true?


hot take on self-hosting 

My Android /data partition is encrypted with the "default password" and I don't know why or how to change that but it's so useless and slows boot down

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Amazing article if you want to know why the internet is a mess

Gah! I forgot to git push before tagging a release in the web gui!

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PureTryOut got the latest running in . This is it running on the Nexus 5. It's currently a bit unstable but it's progress :)

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@DC7IA @utzer I did it.

Those 1ct stamps all needed spit as a glue.

The maximum amount of coins per purchase process at the machine is 15.

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> ✖ App not installed.

The package installer continues to be the most uninformative software on the platform.

There exists a law here that allows schools to print the student's date of birth into the yearbook ("Jahresbericht").

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