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I've been offered a free book, and I get to choose. It has to be about IT, and it should cost "around a maximum of 30€". Recommendations?

Reading it with a screenreader is forbidden as per license…

I purchased an ebook with a "digital watermark". But I can't find any.

Actually chatting but in reality just waiting for something to happen

ticket ordered & money transfer initiated! Didn't think I'd make it

The differences between original Minecraft: Story Mode and the Netflix replica annoy me

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@grindhold By the way… Twitter used to have native RSS feeds.

Should probably stop piping my thoughts into my timeline

Stuffed elk as a human substitute for hugging

When there is less work, why isn't that good? There is less work to be done. In theory, we could all work less.

But politicians keep saying less work is bad, more work is wanted. Seems paradox.

Anything interesting I could do with this abandoned Telekom DRM box? They effectivley declared it electronic waste.

(It's a Media Receiver 303 Typ A+)

Why does the software that my school uses still generate a day twice in the representation plan? :/ Could work around that in my parser

The Internet Explorer that came preinstalled with Windows XP displays a warning when connecting via a secure connection.

This should be prices for München – Hamburg during the next month charted price vs time of departure of day vs weekday (color). Red is Sunday, blue might be Friday, and orange should be Monday.

Can't wait until it's friday… is truly a pleasure to work with. I can use it to make the XY charts and even a colored XY charts I want. Perfect!

Damn, @telephant always posts public, even in reply to direct messages :/

It's refreshing to have a program that does not distinguish between "the chart" and "the box around the chart"…

@utf8equalsX I'm still worried my chart will be gone when I move my mouse a bit… but it seems stable!

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