The current standard you would have to beat is literally just a distored rectangle.

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Holy shit, you can create a disk which is ext2 and FAT at the same time


ADB over network made my live a lot easier in times where I only had a broken USB cable available

I think I now sent it at least twice after I thought the JavaScript in the tab was broken

The next version of , my free bandcamp client for Android (available on :fdroid: @fdroidorg), will be rebranded to campfire. Also, in-app playback controls will be more stable.

Does anyone want to create a new icon for this app?

Wanted: a free software program that periodically logs in via IMAP and moves messages containing certain keyphrases to junk.

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The Internet Explorer that came preinstalled with Windows XP displays a warning when connecting via a secure connection.

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An old woman told me a driver's license would help me with girls

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And I still have to update the icon at @fy but that's work

New profile picture color, the green-red was starting to feel like intruding other people's eyes (and conversations).

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We are happy to announce that there are only 361 Days left until #37C3!

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I'm a little bit confused why held the talk the way he did.
Claiming, that open standards like and are stuck in time and don't evolve (especially on mobile) is just plain wrong. He really should know better.

Also, what is the message? Stop working on cooperative standards and do your own thing? I'm very disappointed that he took on this economists view of the world.

When we develop federated systems, we don't do it because it is easy, but because it is hard.

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Scooter for sale at #36c3
it's really fun to scoot around but I don't need it that much and my legs work fine.
* 1 day of use
* max handlebar height: 102cm
* base: 33.5cm
* wheels: 205x30mm
* ball bearings: ABEC 7.
* will sell for 64€ (original price was 80€)

contact me via activitypub/mastodon, DECT (2418) or matrix:

have fun!

@card10badge support is an excellent service, 5 stars, would have them repair my again.


Validating bandcamp gift cards doesn't require a recaptcha token, but redeeming them does…

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