advent of code day 8 

Read too many of these @islieb comics and now I feel quite undercuddled

"Aha, that's supposed to be my talk?"

--me, looking at my presentation notes

the gift giving season is an interesting reason to make everyone fall in love


Oh, I didn't know leaderboard ordering was a local setting :[

Me is writing five postcards via the school-internal Christmas postal system. Also, me is expecting to receive zero

Anyone want to be on my private leaderbord (sorted by Stars to avoid time pressure) for ? 544607-aee65c63

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windows opinion 

(I'm ordering it by stars so you don't have any time pressure)

They unlock 6AM CET it appears.

Private leaderbord, anyone? 544607-aee65c63

During december (or any time of the year, really), you can solve these fun "advent of code" puzzles: adventofcode.com/

c't banking root gah 

video gaming 

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So we stole the gif idea from @c3WOC - thanks a lot for the inspiration ;) and the waffles!

If you want to roll around like that during #36c3 - donate to our crowdfunding: startnext.com/chaosroller-for-

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