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@ohyran And I LOVE it when my favorite artist randomly doesn't post his latest song to the Bandcamp… how are you expecting to make money like that? Does it magically give you more money when I download your song from the YouTube??

Entering random bookstores just to check whether they're treating my favorite books well

Sending a text message, expecting to see the current time to know how late it is…

"Sent: just now"

Reaaally tight in there. Couldn't stand!

Here I have found a closet that I can physically hide in. It wasn't very comfortable though, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Using the toilet at this train station costs one euro… it may be cheaper to take the train for a station to use the toilet there if this gets any more expensive

Is the a "better" device than my mother's iPad mini first generation? As in: can you use it to browse the internet?

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So I was looking for a WiFi dongle in a shop I won't disclose. The salesmans ask me if they could help me with something. I saiy I don't think they can be of any help. They laugh until I ask them if those dongle where working with only Free Softwares... That was what I thought! #freeasfreedom #fsf #rms @fsf

> Your fix doesn't fix it, but thanks for noticing. Here is a patch to fix your fix

Code review. It's fun!

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@martijnbraam @ohyran @sir I don't understand forums -.- it feels weird to me to post to a 10 months or 5 years old topic, but apparently that's sometimes what one should do? How am I supposed to catch up on all the discussion that happened beforehand?

Pixel Wheels is such a neat little game already, with tons of potential to grow! Very well done!


Is markdown evil, frequently cutting off arms from innocent shruggies?

"Deactivating" the account returns error 400…

It's worth mentioning that this requires solving a reCaptcha…

Reddit: "We think we might have leaked your password. Please change it. Therefore, you have to give us your email address. So we have even more info to leak next time."

I have tagged two of my issues with my new tag "not my fault grumble".

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@kelbot I wouldn't attempt to 3d print people right after a long idle.

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