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I want to try something. I want to build something for someone. It will be free. I want it to be something important for you personally. What do you need?

It is time to expand my knowledge of storage. I have a storage "server" that has a few 1.5TB drives in RAID, that I have use LVM and GlusterFS to expose to my network. This was worked beautifully. Now I want to add more space to this setup in three different ways. Mostly for educational purposes.

1) Add (a) drive(s) to my RAID
2) Add a second RAID array to my LVM on the same machine
3) Add a second data brick from a separate machine

These are my goals for February.

Shower thought: a curing house is the actual smell of potential

Just realized I am hitting my 5 year itch... I am bored to tears with my project, I am not in love with my client, I haven't had a decent vacation in over a year... I am burning out at an epic rate...

Something changed today, for the better, I can feel it

I have a smattering of 7" and 10" tablets that have "died"... and now I am wondering if I could find a way to implement them as dedicated "touch screen displays" for my linux rig... maybe one dedicated to my OBS buttons... one dedicated to my Zoom/Teams/Slack mute buttons... the possibilities are endless, if I can figure out where to get started... any one got thoughts on this? They are almost all Lenovo tablets

I admit I'll probably never understand, but it infuriates me that women allow things like this to go unreported. Please for the love of god, report your abuses, immediately and with fury. You aren't the first they've done this too, nor will you be the last if you don't speak up. Need courage and help doing it? Let me know, I'll hook you up with the help you need.

She may never forgive me for being such a dick tonight and badgering her until she told the police the truth, but knowing that the truth will potentially stop it from happening again, makes me better with it, I just hope she understands someday why I did it...

Just updated my PoC||GTFO github repo to automatically rebuild daily. I am really having fun abusing the Github Actions/Workflows. Check it out at

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Wow, how long do you keep emails? I just noticed I have emails from YEARS ago on my server.

After leaving Gmail over a year ago, I don't miss it at all.

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What pisses you off the most about social media?

Have you ever tried to leave?

If so, what keeps you on it?

either reply here or send responses to

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Did anyone else notice that Apple didn't put their logo on the Airpod Max? It's almost like they WANT people to make knock-offs.

Who has the info on FunkWhale that I am not getting from the website? Anyone here actually using FunkWhale?

Had a friend ask about on-boarding resources you wish you had that would have made the transition easier. Here is my list, please send me more ideas!

- Glossary (how many acronyms and nicknames does your team use)
- Docs, where to find
- Dir of People; w/ short bio; helps remotes make personal connections which
- List of Tools, and any shared configurations (spaces vs tabs) & dotFiles (.files)

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