@fribbledom We'll be pusing USB-C <-> USB-D in under 24 months

@fribbledom I don't recall the memory in my first, but I remember being very proud of the 500MB HDD

@bbbhltz @fribbledom I don't print them anymore, I open them with LibreOffice Draw, create text boxes with "fancy looking fonts" and send that back. The only drawback I currently have, is I have to "split" each page out into a separate PDF before opening in LibreOffice Draw, and then have to recompile the stack to send back. It is minor, but still... a pain

@fribbledom I think I am doing privacy right, because I only see ads for things I have recently purchased, never things I am _thinking_ about purchasing

@carlesjove Love YNAB, kinda wish it weren't Ruby... but meh

@unicornfarts over Telegram, yes. Is it the best out there? IDK

It drives me absolutely insane to think that Google makes BILLIONS of dollars a year, but can't be bothered to let their own employees support their customers. Instead they expect community members to do all the work. Except, oh yeah, community members DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO HELP YOU WITH ACCOUNT DETAILS ETC, so they become effectively useless.

Today the ugliness of G Suite has reared up again. Accounts that were previously managed under a G Suite account (that has been closed more than 2 years now [I think]) are having issues because of said G Suite account's control over them. There should be NO control over these accounts, as there is no longer a domain/GSuite account... but alas... that isn't apparently the case. Want to guess what Google has to say about it?

@blueberry completely agree, perhaps there is a market there?

@blueberry I knew they were there, but I didn't realize they had THAT much info in them. When I worked for HP back in the day, we had a series of questions we used to determine if a large printer purchase was for the use of counterfeiting, and some of the other techniques used to prevent counterfeiting, like the fact that nothing actually prints at 1:1 scale by default.

@hejowhat yeah, not a super fan of Ruby either... but I am more interested in something "that works" than something "written in X"

@hejowhat That's a name I haven't heard in years, good call, might need to check it out again

@appelgriebsch was literally just looking and totally missed they had a self-hosted option. Thanks.

@ParmuTownley focalboard was on my radar, and I played with it the other day. Not sure why, but not everything seemed to work as the tutorial suggested.

Best FOSS Project Management software, preferably self-hosted... ready, go!

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