LPT: use your SDCard adapter to securely.press the setup button on a Wyze Cam v2

This made the year all worth it. Sincerely love this game

My brother-in-law invited me over to help setup lights for the Halloween party. This is his collection of remotes

The house on my block project targeted beams of sunlight, one hit my cooler, now the lid won't close :ac_intense: :ac_encouraging:

Home from camping. It was a bomb location, right on the banks of the Salmon River in Salmon/North Fork, Idaho

From time to time I earn yet another certification; this one is the second in this category, and I'm very excited to use this ceet

To the creator of : if I filter everything on my notifications page, I no longer have the filter option to change back to a usable set of filters.

Attended my first ever Steak Cook-off Association Competition tonight. It was a good time, with some damn good steak.


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