Best FOSS Project Management software, preferably self-hosted... ready, go!

@ParmuTownley focalboard was on my radar, and I played with it the other day. Not sure why, but not everything seemed to work as the tutorial suggested.

@utahcon @ParmuTownley I’ve used Notion for a while which is what focal board is made after... and it just doesn’t compare to how Notion does it. I like it but it seems barebones in some regards. Especially no keyboard commands.

@appelgriebsch was literally just looking and totally missed they had a self-hosted option. Thanks.

@utahcon @appelgriebsch Taiga looks really good. I’d recommend this over focalboard or kanboard.

@utahcon We are are using RedMine at work. Works fine, but I am fairly new to it myself.

@hejowhat That's a name I haven't heard in years, good call, might need to check it out again

@utahcon Written in Ruby if I recall it correctly. Wouldn't use it for my own projects.

@hejowhat yeah, not a super fan of Ruby either... but I am more interested in something "that works" than something "written in X"

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