If you have a storage server, and torrent seed box, maybe seed a bunch of distros? I personally have 50+ distro seeds currently. It's how I contribute daily.

@utahcon I plan to do so. Do you mind sharing some tips to get started? Would appreciate it.

@utahcon Do you think it is necessary to run the torrent through a vpn?

@hejowhat nope. It gives you nothing. There is no added protection granted by doing so.

@utahcon Well, it does, no? If I know what torrents you seed I could find/ narrow down your current ip. Or am I missing something?

@hejowhat also, these are legal torrents, nothing to hide or worry about

@utahcon I just set up my 'seeding box' on my home server. Before I work on the workflow to add new torrents, I have to keep an eye on my settings. Not 100% sure if I did everything right.

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