Hey friends... who knows of a good/secure/foss way to connect a linux machine/server to OneDrive? I hate using their web GUI... hoping to just cli some stuff, or maybe just mount the damned thing right in nautilus

@utahcon Is this OneDrive for Business (i.e. Sharepoint)?

It's very upsetting, but davfs2 lets you mount it (via WebDAV), provided you `add_header Cookie rtFa=;FedAuth=` (with the relevant authentication cookie values). See for details.

@wizzwizz4 yeah, it is SharePoint I guess, thanks, that helps, from this I can make a script to make things easy for me.

@utahcon Actually, I meant Dolphin. But maybe Nautilus can too.

@fc @utahcon I've used rclone before and it does a pretty good job. You can use it to mount OneDrive (among others) or use the GUI to browse.

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