I don't think anyone likes funerals (except maybe funeral directors). Alas, I miss attend one today.

To whoever needs to hear it: you are amazing, you have more to accomplish in this world. You are loved. Call me if you need help.

I'd love to know the scope of work required to change S3 from global name spacing to per-account/per-region name spacing. Amazes me they haven't done it to this day (at least as an option)

It really bugs me that S3 buckets are still globally name spaced. I can't imagine how AWS has not to this date added the ability to restrict naming scope to the account level. So very odd to me.

Part of my job as a DevOps Consultant is telling people what I have done for their company. It is always a super boring painful conversation. However, I did it, and I was told it was not in fact boring this time. Yay! Ok, now I am going to let my adrenaline lower and watch some useless videos on the internet

(not my) Conspiracy Theory: geothermal heating releases too much heat from the Earth's core causing us to rotate slower thus causing us to fall into the sun sooner rather than later.

I screwed up. I clicked a Flat Earth debate link on YouTube without using Privacy mode... it will take me months to get my recommendations back to normal

Client: this has to be done by end of sprint (tomorrow) will it?

Me: yeah, there are no blockers

*Two hours later*

Me: yeah, we need to remove a bunch of resources before I can push this out

Client: *crickets*

Home from camping. It was a bomb location, right on the banks of the Salmon River in Salmon/North Fork, Idaho

From time to time I earn yet another certification; this one is the second in this category, and I'm very excited to use this ceet

I can't express in words, how much it really irks me when I go to deploy code in a new environment, and I can't because the previous guy hard coded a bunch of stuff

Woke up at 0454, no alarm, just eyes open. Must be excited to go back to work (ha!). Gotta get the work done so I can focus efforts on the vacation that's only ~36 hours from beginning.

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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

To the creator of : if I filter everything on my notifications page, I no longer have the filter option to change back to a usable set of filters.

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It's alive! I promise I'll write a proper post tomorrow about this:

My first TWO GitHub Actions are alive! (though they need fine tuning).

Additionally, this means my GitHub repo for my blog is finally automated! Any time I push a change, it is built, and deployed automatically!

Last piece of my puzzle is getting my build workflow to work on a schedule. So I don't have to remember to run the pipeline each time new content hits publish date in Hugo.

Feels good; bed time

Raise your hand if you remember your ICQ number. 85766

Finally got my GitHub Action working properly, one more to go and I'll have a complete CI/CD chain for my blog.

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