I've worked my butt off to learn all I've learned, to do the things I do, if I become a manager, will I lose that?

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I am releasing a new project to, hopefully, make some money so that I can support our TROM project and myself. This is it -->> webape.site/

So. I provide managed instances for Mastodon, Peertube, Nextcloud, Friendica, and a few other services. On top of this I am making any kind of website in Wordpress. This is my "skill" and so I will try to make some money like this. I have to, I have no choice.

But listen.

I am not making a "business" out of this. I want to do a decent job at it, so I will only take 20-30 projects. Enough to sustain myself and have the time to focus on TROM, plus be able to properly manage these paid-for websites.

I tried to provide really cheap and very "tempting" offers, if anyone is interested, since I will only post once about this on my profile, the rest go on the Federated profile of the project -->> social.trom.tf/profile/webape

Here is what I offer:





I can setup huge instances up to 25TB of diskspace. And provide support over email or chat (Matrix).

If you think anyone may be interested, give it a share.
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So here's a question out there for the fediverse,

Anybody who rides a , especially smaller bikes and scooters a la Honda's MiniMoto line (or even a like a )

Do you have any experience with the at all? Do you know someone that does?

I figure crowdsourcing some actual on-road experience about the thing would be helpful in deciding whether or not I get one.


I require help on small motorized machines like only talking heads on the internet can

So, curses + python = cool, but exhausting

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I was going through my books the other day and found a copy of one about using open source intelligence techniques to do investigation work.

Now, this might just be the painkillers talking, but I think I need to adopt a raccoon named Buzz then me and that little trash panda are gonna go solve mysteries together.

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I miss the old internet. I miss learning great new things daily. What are you learning?

I've been reading the Pleasure of Finding Things Out, a collection of talks by Richard P. Feynman. What I find most interesting is the sense of his attitude and nature. He strikes a chord with me, mostly because he finds life funny, and takes almost nothing seriously.

Some of what he understood 50-70 years ago is JUST becoming commonly relevant today. His understanding of quantum computing for example, he was easily 40-50 years ahead of his time.

Absolutely amazing mind.

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Tenets of IT. This one should probably be underlined and bold:

31. You are replaceable at work, no matter how highly you think of yourself. You are not replaceable at home.


Aw yeah! Fedora 36 is out! Boom...

do I upgrade while at work? oh I want to

The wireless network in my office is way over saturated. I suspect this is leading to my machine doing more networking stack work than normally required, in turn draining my battery faster. I want to dig into this... anyone have a lead for me?

Good morning, everyone!

What is it called when we just use "Good morning" and "Good evening" and act like we are all on the same timezone when online... it has a name, and I can't find it

It'd be neat to have a single app that all my teams use to edit their own part of an architecture diagram... and they are all glued together through an overview pane... oh that'd be nice

anyone know of one? That maybe imports from like 6 other very specific options that my teams are using? Ok, maybe that part is a stretch goal :D

I want to learn Fuchsia Interface Definition Language, and open a roof top code lab. I'll finally become a FIDLer on the Roof

What I need most, is someone looking to part with acreage, but who doesn't want a developer to get it. So I get a great price, they get to see nature live on...

I challenge any CenturyLink customer to do what I just did... while streaming a video from the internet, I rebooted my router. It rebooted fast enough that my buffer didn't drain, and my video never even flickered.

My secret? My router is a home grown build running Arch Linux. It reboots and is back online in under 2 minutes. Show me a single CenturyLink router/modem that can match that. I dare you.

Gotta love when things "go down" but it's just network issues in KansasCity, that you can't do anything about.

Pura is seriously a company that listens to their people (customers & employees). We have an ambitious project we are working on, and when I suggested a [frankly complex option to the project] they loved the idea, and are going to try and make it happen. Wish I could say more about that, but unfortunately I can't. Watch for more later...

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