You feel super strong, until you pop a hernia

A movie I started yesterday on Amazon Prime Video, is not unavailable. Literally the only thing that has changed is the date... this is the future people

Today is 7/14/21 (yes, we are using US date format)

Each number is divisible by 7.

The sum of the numbers is divisible by 7.

The sum of the numbers is 42.

Today is amazing.

My official review of F9 (the latest in the Fast and Furious saga)... No ideas were cut from the film, and no one stopped to ask "does this make any sense?"

Remember when the internet influencers were people who had actual knowledge and depth of character... Think back further, to before influencers.

Do you like to eat steak? Do you like to feel important while eating steak? Then you should become a SCA Certified Judge! Next class in Utah is July 23rd in Richfield. Come and hang out, and learn to eat steak, then eat steak on the 24th!

Yes, I realize this is for a very small demographic

On Earth we experience Earthquakes. It would seem wrong to call them the same thing on Venus or Mars (or any other planet). Perhaps we need to begin to call these terraquakes instead?

Windows 11 doesn't allow install on Intel chips older than 7th-gen and AMD older than Ryzen 3... wow... guess I'll just stick with Linux

Well that was new. It seems that systemd-resolved is now the default StubListener on Fedora 34, so I have to either make systemd-resolved and dnsmasq work together, or figure out how to make systemd-resolved work like dnsmasq, or resolve to not use systemd-resolved at all (I am not against this TBH).

I found out I'm expected to work 35 hours a week for my client. The extra hour each day is expected for training/logging etc. That still seems unreasonable to me... But I am making the best of it.

Slack is pissing me off. Any action I take is popping a "Not Responding" window... I tried using a Snap instead of the native app, and still getting it... very frustrating.

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Hey folks! We could really use your help with this one. Even a $1/month goes a long way.

I know no one here follows Major League Rugby, but my Warriors pulled off an impossible come back tonight... Go Warriors!!!!!

These people believing that COVID vaccines make you magnetic are absolutely stupid. I can't hide my contempt for these idiots.

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@Calypso1 @atoponce It was a surprisingly nice explanation, but the best tl;dr explanation is still:

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Starting PTO for the next 11 days... So damned excited

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