At one point in time I thought I understood SELinux. However, now I have to do setenforce=0 which means I don't :( time to re-learn SELinux

Finally started the grow of the RAID, almost 90 minutes in and at 5%... yuup, sit and wait

Not sure how I missed it but my rig uses 4-pin (square) SATA Power, and has no additional plugs. Anyone use and trust SATA power splitters?

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My SATA controller finally arrived from China this weekend. I can finally upgrade my storage server!

Noticed my blog was down today. Time to write a simple health check app that alerts me. Yay!

If you have a storage server, and torrent seed box, maybe seed a bunch of distros? I personally have 50+ distro seeds currently. It's how I contribute daily.

Is there a better way? Digikey is a bit intimidating, and Adafruit doesn't have what I want. Do I dare trust Amazon? Help!

FWIW (not much) it really irks me that Zoom distributes a Fedora package, but they don't have a repo for it, so I have to update it manually.

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Pet peeve: When a website has been configured to catch the ctrl+f shortcut to use it's own search function, instead of the browser's find in page feature. 😡

I added comments to my blog (future and select posts only) using Mastodon. Check it out:

I want to try something. I want to build something for someone. It will be free. I want it to be something important for you personally. What do you need?

It is time to expand my knowledge of storage. I have a storage "server" that has a few 1.5TB drives in RAID, that I have use LVM and GlusterFS to expose to my network. This was worked beautifully. Now I want to add more space to this setup in three different ways. Mostly for educational purposes.

1) Add (a) drive(s) to my RAID
2) Add a second RAID array to my LVM on the same machine
3) Add a second data brick from a separate machine

These are my goals for February.

Shower thought: a curing house is the actual smell of potential

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