I told folks in the booth next to us their phone is loud, now my family is mad at me ...

My brother-in-law invited me over to help setup lights for the Halloween party. This is his collection of remotes

Love takes many forms. Tonight is the form of hitting my drobo of 1.5TB drives for my kids gaming machine build

Yeah, time to head back to the gym... I really need my workout.

My new client has us on zoom for 8 hours a day... What the heck?

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Dumb TVs will be premiums in the coming years.

Pipe dream: RPi5 has NVMe support and upgradable ram, or 32GB option

Started using Trillium Notes (github.com/zadam/trilium) earlier this year to track what I do at work. This was a life saver as I just completed my annual employee evaluation and was able to remember EVERYTHING I did for a whole year.

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Day 2 of "vacation". I did literally nothing except eat pizza and drink Coke. I consider this a success.

Attempted to stand up on a stand-up paddle board today. Lake water was cold. Did not stand up successfully.

Wow, I thought GJS documentation sucked. Today I've been wallowing through the muck they call documentation for MOBI files. They are basically Palm Database Format, and a few other mixes, but the best documentation is still wrong. However, I'm near complete on dealing with it for my project.

Seriously excited for StarLink so I can move deep into the woods

I've noticed video is starting to jitter... Wonder if this is the sign my GPU/CPU or memory is starting to age... :(

I love glusterfs, except that I can never just add an endpoint... Never sure what's wrong. I have fuse running, gluster-fuse installed, can ping server, but it still fails...

It's both amazing good, and amazing bad, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the first woman to lay in state in our nation's capitol.

This has also made me want to build a Rpi-k8s cluster (there has gotta be a cute name for that)... and now I also want to build an HPC cluster out of RPis... because why not?

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I have a 24” 1080p LED monitor I would like to gift to someone in Berlin who needs it but can’t afford one.

RT appreciated

Preparing to interview with a client on my Kubernetes knowledge. So so glad I learned k8s the hard way, I have a great base knowledge that even after 3 or 4 years is very relevant and helpful to catching up to the latest changes.

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