If you give a programmer a programming task, they'll probably want a CI environment, so they can test their code.

If you give them a CI environment, then you'll probably find you need an e-mail server to send notifications.

If you set up an e-mail server, then you'll probably find you need DNS, to direct the mail with an MX record.

If you set up a DNS server, then you'll probably find you need to keep the DNS configuration under version control.

If you set up a git repository, then... I need to write LDAP schemas so I can set up SSH and GPG pubkeys in LDAP so I can use LDAP for auth across my different machines so I can set up Gitea so I can migrate LENS to it so I can update the design docs with my new ideas.

@alexandra Sounds like you may have some bootstrapping in your near future.

@urusan This is why I refuse to learn how to use any supporting tool properly.

Herbo programming, I call it.

@urusan it uses all you've set up before automatically, right?
This actually works in a smaller cycles. On each step you can already leverage from everything you've build before.

@lig True, but if you haven't set it all up before and just need the end result, it can be daunting to suddenly have to set it all up at once.

@urusan as always some people already did it and offering you a hand. Services like @codeberg and Gitlab are there mostly for this reason.

@urusan I assume you'd have git set up earlier than that just for the programmer to version-control the program.

@Azure I was alluding to something more like Gitea or GitLab, where you can have a central repository of your git repos.

Of course, you could use git locally at first (or simply omit version control until everything is set up).

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