I want to write code but nothing sounds fun right now.

@PsychoLlama Have you heard the good word about our lord and savior Julia? :-P

It is a lot of fun to program in.

@urusan huh, I didn't realize it was general purpose. I only knew of it in the data science context.


@PsychoLlama Yup, it can do an amazing variety of things now that it's becoming more mature. The core language is ready for prime time and the libraries are making excellent progress, though they definitely need more work.

You can even make a standalone AoT compiled application nowadays.

@urusan this language looks kinda fun... I just looked through some references. It seems like a mix between Python and Lua with a dash of something else I can't place. I like it so far. Thanks for the recommend!

@PsychoLlama Julia has a page comparing it to all the major languages that it was inspired by: docs.julialang.org/en/v1/manua

I'm glad you liked my recommendation ☺️

Also, something more specific I had a lot of fun with recently was Javis:

You might also find this book handy benlauwens.github.io/ThinkJuli

It's best for a gentle introduction to the language and is based on a Python classic with a similar name.

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