Why is Google telling me to be careful about my privacy?

Google: "Don't worry, your old pal Google has got your back, but you need to be careful about all those 3rd parties who could be violating your privacy!"

@urusan every time i put on a custom keyboard on this android and get that Big!Scary!Warning!!! about these keyboards potentially being able to log what i type (they don't)

@carcinopithecus @urusan

Sounds just like Microsoft giving a security warning when you try to download Firefox...

@urusan Because saying "privacy is dead, give us all your data" is no longer cool.

So they need a way to demonstrate that they do care about your privacy in some way, while also not giving up any of the data they collect about you.


Nudge nudge, wink wink, say lots more actually because our AIs desperately need the data

@urusan - They also tell that everything not coming from their Play Store, is a security risk.... at the same time delivering apps to everyone that steals data, passwords and puts backdoor bitcoin miners.

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