What sci-fi prediction are you very confident about in the next 50 years?

That is, if you brought up the idea today, people would say it's sci-fi, but you have high confidence it will become a reality.

@urusan last week i would have said land a helicopter on mars, and yet here we are

landing on a helicopter on mars

@urusan The very notion of a high confidence is foreign to me. Also I don't quite get the reason why people ever speculate about the future, past, or the life far away.

@amiloradovsky It's interesting to me that high confidence is not a notion you subscribe to. Surely there are certain things you have high confidence due to repeated evidence.

For instance, I've personally observed the sun rising over 12,000 times without a single deviation.

While skepticism about the framing of the world and extremely unlikely scenarios keep it from being 100%, I still have a very high confidence that the sun will rise again tomorrow morning.

@urusan Not just any confidence, but about the future.
Gathering the statistics and fitting some analytic functions into it is sure the way to go. But this is not what you meant, I guess: not projecting the existing trends, but a qualitative assertions. And there is simply no data for even making an estimations of the latter.

@abloo Those already exist, do you have something more specific in mind?

Or like, massive popularity even among healthy people?

@urusan I'm focusing more on the 'enhancement' bit, so people with full natural control of cybernetics that are stronger than average and the beginning of healthy people getting augmentation

@urusan Computer brain interfacing. It's a terrifying idea, but it sounds like people researching it are fairly confident it's coming soon.

@moddedBear @urusan scary, while also holding great promise for people with disabilities

@urusan Earth is a blasted wasteland. Giant war machines the size of cities trundle across ruins. The last few people, degenerate mutants, operate them in hellish conditions, fighting the last war.

Vegans vs Carnivores, and the irony is neither can grow any food, but at least the Carnivores will eat last…

@urusan 3d virtual / augmented reality will become an extremely common talking point in 10-15 years

@urusan Reversed (or a cure for) aging.

Fairly confident (>75%) lifespans will continue to increase past 100 in the next 50 years.

@urusan The human races' existence depends on large pharmaceutical companies because:
1. woman and mankind are so divided that the general public resorts to fertility or artificial womb services; thus, every newborn is vulnerable to nonconsentual genetic modification
2. it is fashionable to elect for body modifications that require maintenance or subscription medicine
3. the human immune system has been rendered obsolete or nonfunctional

@likho So for #1 you're worried about this, but for babies?

How would #3 work?

@urusan Either #1 (genetic tampering) or some external or environmental immune system maladaption. E.G the cause of (fatal) allergies is finally discovered, but the information was never released to the public. Instead, the government is lobbied to recreate the conditions that cause immune system maladaption under seemingly well intended propositions.
@urusan Almost forgot your first question: fertility fraud is already an existent concept. (There's a fertility doctor named Donald Cline who has 50 children.) The capability for genetic engineering, no public oversight, and virtually all modern biotech being closed source changes the situation a bit.

1. is described in detail on Huxley's Brave New World.
2. is quite usual on several sci-fi books and movies - an extension of today's aesthetic surgery.
3. is the real novelty - and a very plausible one now.

@manuelcaeiro @likho Well, my question about how #3 would work is more technical. How would we keep people without working immune systems alive?

Shutting them down is relatively easy and some forms are possible today: a bioengineered HIV-like retrovirus, regular doses of immune suppression drugs, or (epi)genetic engineering.

However, keeping the immunocompromised population alive is much harder. Even in cases today, we have to keep the immune system going.

@manuelcaeiro @likho While it's definitely theoretically possible to replace the immune system, it seems like a monumental technical challenge. The kind of thing that could take much more than just 50 years, and has a low certainty of success in the near future.

That said, I could imagine a situation where immune suppression is normal, and pretty much everyone is immunocompromised by today's standards, even though their immune systems are still functioning.

@likho @urusan
You use the right word, immunocompromised. If you understand how the immunological system works you will know that although it's not easy to change the primary immune response (that was the problem with the mRNA vaccine) you can condition the secondary immune response to produce a specific antigen only in the presence of some external substance, amino-acid or nucleobase.

@urusan @manuelcaeiro I didn't see novelty as the point of the thread. Just plausibility within 50 years.


I'm going to say that serious ESP study is *way* overdue a comeback. There will be growing pressure from documented high strangeness research to eventually just suck it up, admit that crazy mind-over-matter stuff is real, and go with a fully idealist cosmology like we were starting to see emerge in the 1860s, 1920s and 1970s, but which failed to solidfy.

That shift will be bitterly opposed, because it will bring a bunch of new psychological dangers, but it must happen or science ends.

@natecull @urusan We went to the moon and soon Mars without it. Why would science end without ESP research?

If it became apparent that some previously unknown mechanism of information and energy exchange existed, we'd investigate it.

@urusan Brain-computer interface will surely be a thing. Outside of science-fiction I think we are heading for a "Corporate First" future with less than 10% of the population having full-time work. We already have ATS deciding which CVs make it to the shortlist, and there are companies like HireVue, Mya and Textio working on the interview and advertising aspects of recruitment. Cyberwarfare will definitely lead to a splintering of the internet.

@urusan Artificial limbs because you want them, not only because you broke your original limbs.
(and also not because you never had them in the first place, I mean replacement or above-typical number of limbs)
@urusan A definiteily-more-than-a-mere-handful number of people older than 120 years old.

@urusan Maybe a manned mission to Mars (with the intention of surviving for a few days or weeks).

Perhaps tourism-based space tours. Basically privately owned spacecruises that take you on a trip around the Earth or moon.

As others said, controlling computers entirely with your mind or advanced cybernetics.

Genetic modification to the extend of almost eliminating hereditary conditions in utero.

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