I totally agree with this article and it's the reason why I will always prefer to learn by reading rather than video.

Text is the most efficient communication technology. By orders of magnitude. This blog post is likely to take perhaps 5000 bytes of storage, and could compress down to maybe 2000; by comparison the following 20-pixel-square image of the silhouette of a tweeting bird takes 4000 bytes:

graydon2 | always bet on text



@ScottMortimer Text is more efficient to input as well. One can read and understand at 200-400 wpm, but typical speech is 150 wpm.

That said, video/images can sometimes achieve superior learning for information that would be hard to learn via text. "A picture is worth a thousand words" isn't always true, but it can be.

Also, one can multitask while listening to audio. Plus, both audio and video can be sped up. At 2x speed, it's around reading speed.

They're all valuable tools

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