Part 2
I have used a:

Funny enough, I used a fax machine recently.

They're readily available at any print shop, and they are occasionally useful for interacting with certain legacy systems.

@Agni Wait, that doesn't work?

I assumed that one could pick no choices, hmm, that's a problem for this format.

@Agni Hmm, I don't want to throw out the whole poll this time, but I'll definitely include this in future polls (especially since I plan on doing a few more on older and more obscure technologies, where this will be a bigger problem).

Anyone who hasn't used any of them, definitely leave a reply!

@urusan a neighbor of mine gave me an electronic Rolodex and a USB 1.0 hub when I was a kid, I loved those things for reasons I can't remember

@urusan I only quit using my DayRunner a couple years after iPhone. I had a Palm Pilot, and a Treo, but they weren't good for long-form writing or sketching about a subject.

@urusan i think i've had to look up what a rolodex was every single time i've independently encountered the word

@urusan I suspect lower numbers for Rolodex might be because other similar card indexes were in use in UK and Europe at least until the 1990s (you can still buy the cards and index boxes today)

I'm 3 for 4 baby!

I really want to use a fax machine, in fact I'd really like to own one because I think they're really cool in concept, but I never really had a use-case for it.

As an aside I also really want an excuse to own a dot-matrix printer but alas I don't have one yet.

@urusan "Library card catalog" makes the concept database indexes really obvious.

I recently wanted to explain what indexes do in our PG cluster, to a colleague. So I started "you know how, at the library you want to count all books, by one author who writes in many genres & languages? Requiering you to walk through nearly all the shelves in the entire library?". "And how the card index really speeds this up"?

:blank stare:. My colleague is 20-something.

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