I have used a:

@Agni I have engineer coworkers who haven't used some of these.

@Agni Probably 23-24 now? They were a fresh graduate when I met them.

The youngest engineers today following the normal college schedule were born in 1999, and wouldn't have memories from before 2002 or so.

@Agni Tape cassettes are performing better than I expected as well, and I suspect that this is because cars often had them and cars are often in circulation for a decade or two longer after they are obsolete.

VCRs doing so well isn't surprising as they have only become completely obsolete relatively recently.

@Agni @urusan Interesting, I'm 19 and remember Casettes and barely VCRs but have never used a floppy disk. I've seen them laying around, but by the time I was old enough to use a PC, we didn't use them anymore

@urusan @Agni i'm old enough to have used all of them but i've only used a payphone once in my entire life (and iirc the call didn't even connect)

@urusan I used most of those as a kid, so I didn't get to use them a lot. And I hated pay phones and those cards you had to buy to use them

@sotneStatue Interesting, the payphones I used required coins.

@sotneStatue Well, I remember the prepaid cards too, but they weren't a requirement where I lived.

@urusan all four
/me likes this feeling of getting older.

We started to load a game/program (not an "app") from the #Datasette and had the time to learn how to play a guitar, or make four sandwiches, or take a bath. Then we returned to our device, turned the tape, continued, and had more time to spend until the loading process was ready.


@urusan gosh, I misread your question :D
"I have used A:" (as in the windows drive letter), and was totally surprised that people had managed to control all those things as a drive in Windows :D

@urusan ah yes, I remember when the first "Walkman" (google that, you millenials 🤣 ) was introduced when I was in 9th grade... *waves walking stick* :)

@urusan tape cassette player and payphone! I have a floppy disk, but haven't used it 😛

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