My girlfriend got angry at me when I pointed out drinking coffee is same as taking drugs.

Coffee has a lot of caffeine which has
1) No nutritive value
2) Acts as stimulant (of course a mild one)
3) People repeat it, over time the amount of coffee people take increases to produce the same effect.

Just because everyone drinks it doesn't make it something good.

#coffee #tea #caffeine

@groff @redstarfish Caffeine is one of the four legal recreational drugs:
Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and sugar.

@urusan @redstarfish In what jurisdiction? I have access to a canabis store and others can get legal shrooms.


@groff @redstarfish US in general (still schedule 1 as ridiculous as that is), though that may change soon.

@urusan @redstarfish It is absurd, but fortunately the DEA and Justice Dept have chosen not to intervene where states have legalized. The only reason canabis was made sched. 1 is bigotry and religious fanaticism.

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